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WWDC 2012 : announcements versus expectations

The annual developer’s conference of this year was expected to be better. Apple secured his position in front of all rumors, they remained safe by not announcing any great innovations.

Let’s start with all the expectations : first of all, the Apple TV. It is a rumor never stopped by Apple since a few months, and developers were really attentive to see what they could do with possible applications on this Apple TV. Secondly, no new iMac nor Mac minis : they were not changed since 2011; we would’ve imagine a possible lifting. Finally, no announcements on a new iPhone device, the iPhone 5 which is still in Apple’s labs.

Let’s move on the announcements made during this WWD Conference : first, iOS 6 is the next operating system for all Apple’s little devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod). Many announcements on this new OS : new apps, new functions, and changes on Safari (we invite you to see all details directly on Apple’s website here). Some examples of these new services are integrated Facebook, better Siri, FaceTime 3G, possibility on FaceTime to communicate between two different Apple products (an iMac on an iPhone, etc), Passbook (maybe an NFC application) and Photostream (Apple new social network only on photos). Second, the new MacBook Pro obtains a retina display, and many new specifications : as an example, resolution will be of 2088 x 1800, flash hard drive of 768Go depending on the options… Finally, Mountain Lion is the next Mac operating system : more than 200 new functions announced by Apple, and available next month.

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