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Iconic Products TOP 10

There are lots of must-have beauty products out there, but we’ve chosen our top 10 that we just can’t live without. Everyone should have at least one of these in their handbag. And if you planned being there you can’t go behind the iconic product over the last decade.

1 st One CHANEL No. 5 :


For the next one, U have to wait tomorrow or Guess it (and comment) ::::::::: Follow us

Wedding dresses

All women dream of Vera Wang extravaganza wedding dress to look amazing on their big day.  You need to know one thing before you make or you buy your wedding dress, is to focus on the style of the dress that suits your body shape and not the trendiness of its cut or the prominence of its designer.  We should know first what style suits what shape and what‘s in trend in the world of bridal fashion.

wedding dress

Your wedding dress has to be elegant, unforgettable and so chic; it should to make you look so attractive and beautiful on your biggest day of your life.  This is why I will give you some tips to follow in order to buy the perfect wedding dress.

●First thing you have to establish your budget in order to not set your eyes on dress you cannot afford. It’s great to find a dress you love but also doesn’t exhaust your budget.

●Second point is making sure to take a person with you. You will definitely need an opinion aside like your mother or maid of honor.

●Thirdly, look at choices for sleeve style, length, necklines, trains, waistlines, etc…

●Fourthly don’t give an importance to the opinion of the sales consultant, because they don’t care if the dress look beautiful on you or not, they just want you to buy the most expensive dress. So it’s better to stick to your opinion and that of the people you take with you.

●The last point and that is the most important  when you are searching or trying your wedding dress at the shop  have fun, this is the best time in your life all the people are focusing on you and you are the center of attention , because you are o beautiful bride. Have fun!


Different styles of wedding dresses

Different styles of wedding dresses

The dream of every girl


Qmilch an ecological fabric made with milk !

Milk in clothing?  A real revolution in the world of textiles.

Milk would own another vocation than to feed humans. Witness the creation of a German biologist and designer: a fabric made from milk protein. This idea has earned its creator the Innovation Award of the Association for Research in textile in Germany.You want to wear milk?  Qmilch is actually a fabric created from casein contained in cow’s milk. Designed by a 28 years old German designer and biochemist, Anke Domaske, its represents the first industrial fiber certified chemical free. Ecological fabric, it follows from the reduction in milk protein powder, then boiled and pressed to wire. These are then woven into a fabric. This produces a product similar to the softness of silk. As required, the texture can be Qmilch shiny or rough. As natural as durable fabric is machine washable as cotton. Anke Domaske has already launched her clothing line in Hanover.


After the Skirt Day, here is its year!

It ‘s the advent of the skirt in all its forms. This wear is a symbol that tells the story of women.

Wrinkled, in veil, in corolla, short, long, smart, relaxed, ethnic, the invasion of skirts begins this summer. After re-explored the pants from every angle last year, for example the return of the carrot pant, fashion made the skirt its 2012 standard. Released time for the shorts, the skirt resurfaced in the pre-fall 2012 collections

A skirt, yes, but what skirt? Short or long? Mini or maxi?Above or below the knee?

Its lengh remains the eternal problem. We like the very short sirt flared and aerated, surmounted by a fine belt in the size, with Spartans or flat shoes. But you can also choose the long one in a bohemian style with flowers or hot colours and add a large belt. The one just over the knees, pleated with a skin belt.

Wathever the lengh! Dare the skirt this summer!

Are you a fan of Sandals?

Talking about women’s sandals is a tempting topic for them, especially if they see some new designs in stores or magazines, surely they will go to purchase them. When the women want to choose the right sandals they give them the same value and time to the clothes, they want to wear something special, stylish and voguish, whether if they are looking for flat sandal or with high heel. Women are eager to collect the wider choice of sandals, to ensure that they have largest choices and also because the manufacturers produce women’s sandals in very extensive colors, designs and styles.

Women's sandals

So what about you? Are you also crazy about sandals and footwear? So if you are one of them you ought to know different information and all the types of women’s sandals.

Let me give you the types of women’s sandals because surely the designers know very well that all the women love to have various types of one thing, I find it funny but it’s real.

So women’s sandals can be divided to: bridal sandals, beach sandals, dress sandals, platform, flip flop, wedding, sport and thong. Here are some pictures to enjoy these sandals.


Beach sandals


Bridal shoes


Dress sandals


Platform sandals


Flip flop


Sport sandals


When you really find what you are looking for, no matter how much is it because you will feel confident and comfy while wearing it. The most important thing is to choose what matches with your feet and also the heel that your body can support, in order to not look like someone who didn’t wear a heeled shoes before. When buying your sandals take your time to try different styles and color until you find the perfect that will look attractive on your feet and don’t hear to what the seller is telling you because he wants you to buy the most expensive item and he doesn’t care if you have chosen the right thing or not.

So if you are a woman surely you will enjoy this article.

Flower Power!



The spring is a season important for several reasons. First of all, it is about the season of the lovers, but also that or the clement temperatures are back! Then what best that flower to celebrate the return of the miracle seasons? Flowers are beautiful to observe and to touch. But, what I propose you it is to wear them and not to observe them! As said hippies: flower power! Do not be shy fill your closet right now with flowers!The Flower power trend is one of the most recurring tendencies! Indeed: she is back every spring for your biggest happiness! Why not to take advantage of it and honor as me flower power as soon as you see   the first sunbeam?Why not a beautiful dress or a beautiful skirt with flowers obviously in order to be pretty and in good mood too?That is another advantage of flowers. They are a power capable of giving you happiness without doing anything. That’s why: we call this trend: Flower power!Now you are wondering how to wear this complicated trend? Don’t worry: flower power is one of the easier trends to adopt according to because is simple and no need much of time to adopt it comparing the others styles!That’s this philosophy of fashion who the leads the hippies movement such fashion today!They inspired us in many trend today: many designers taking every years the code of hippies to make fashionable clothes!As we are not designers and that also we have not much time I’m going to explain you how to become the most fashionable hippie in your area!

Flower power

Flower power

As I said to you previously, flower power style is really simple to adopt!First: you will need something with flowers like: a dress, skirt. In fact you can use all the clothes that you have with flowers.Then the accessories have to be big people have paid attention to them. It’s also possible to wear accessories with flowers like bags or shoes if you have it.To finish you will not need makeup just eventually nail polish! In fact: the makeup will ruin the natural aspect of the flower power style!To help you, I put you some example of look book on the top. I think that they can help you if you really want to adopt the flower power style!If you have all of these clothes or accessories then I think you that you ready for the flower power style and for your new life of hippie!Good luck and have fun! Spring is coming , it’s time to wear flowers!

Rock your Socks!



What you understand when you hear the word socks? What this accessory represents for you? What kind of  image which you give to it ?Many questions that we all have in mind because socks was for many years something that people and especially fashionistas was considered as square.But since some seasons socks returns in force and seduce us. We are more and more numerous to adopt it under his its various forms!What is long or short socks know how to be wished!So what are you waiting for ? I already choose my favorite one is : knee high socks !You need some ideas do wear your new friends ? So you have to see my selection of girls in socks which is best way to wear socks for me !See that and give me your opinions !

In the first place, you have the Preppy style which takes back American’s codes universities. It ‘s necessary for this  to have  a pupil look. You will need: a short skirt, a tie and long socks. In France we call it  Posh style.

Look at Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl she is the perfect Preppy girl!



Then, we have Boyish or Tomboy style ! This is my favorite ! This look consist of mixingWomen and men styles !But if you use this style you have to be perfect ! Indeed as if inspired of men style you have to look like to a woman !To suceed in Boyish your best friend will be short socks !

What do you think about this example of Tomboy ?



To finish : it’s also possible to mix Preppy and Sexy. How we can do that ?In order to avoid posh aspect and be more rebel : you can wear  shoes we heels  to be Preppy, sexy and also fashionably !

Preppy and sexy

Preppy and sexy

Any other questions ? Let’s try socks!

Interior Design and Furnitures in Amazing Styles.

Gorgeous bedroom from Lyon Walnut Furniture

Fantastic bedroom from Lyon Walnut Furniture - Bentley Designs.

Check out this amazing looking bedroom from Lyon Walnut Furniture. It’s from dark brown wood that gives the whole room a sophisticated and original look. Lyon Walnut Furniture collection is perfect for it could fit with any room decoration you have, it’s a touch that combines both a bold modern look with a classic design. You can easily find this gorgeous Lyon Walnut Furniture collection of bedrooms at a great price with Oak Furniture Solutions voucher code.

Nutkin Childrens Furniture

An amazing children's bedroom from Nutkin Childrens Furniture.

Always in Oak Furniture Solutions online store, we find this amazing kids’ bedroom from Nutkin Childrens Furniture. What do you think about it? It’s Amazing, right! This environmentally friendly children’s bed is high quality and has a non-toxic paint and a seven-step painting process to ensure a crisp and fresh, yet resilient finish. Which means, if you concider the idea of buying it, then you are sure that you will spend your money on a worthy product.

Amzing range of Living rooms

It would be hard to pick one from this collection of amazing living rooms!

It has always been hard for me to make a choice for my purchases, especially if the choices are much, and very interesting! This image shows several Living rooms that I think are amazing and very chic. They are all in different styles, designs and colors to suit all types of living rooms you may be looking for. So if you ever want to change the look of your living room, or you are about to buy a new one, don’t forget to check the rich collection that Oak Furniture Solutions provide. You are sure to find what suits you at affordable and competitive prices!

Santana Reclaimed Oak Desk with 8 Drawers

Small, yet amazing desk from Santana Reclaimed Oak.

Have a look at this fantastic desk with 8 drawers from Santana Reclaimed Oak. I find it very practical with its size that is a medium one to fit in every office or study you may have. The high quality wood that it is made of makes it a durable desk and gives it an authentic style that pleases the eye. So in case if you’re looking for any medium sized desk from solid wood and with a gorgeous look, don’t hesitate to check out the range of discounted desks provided by Oak Furniture Solutions!

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