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After the Skirt Day, here is its year!

It ‘s the advent of the skirt in all its forms. This wear is a symbol that tells the story of women.

Wrinkled, in veil, in corolla, short, long, smart, relaxed, ethnic, the invasion of skirts begins this summer. After re-explored the pants from every angle last year, for example the return of the carrot pant, fashion made the skirt its 2012 standard. Released time for the shorts, the skirt resurfaced in the pre-fall 2012 collections

A skirt, yes, but what skirt? Short or long? Mini or maxi?Above or below the knee?

Its lengh remains the eternal problem. We like the very short sirt flared and aerated, surmounted by a fine belt in the size, with Spartans or flat shoes. But you can also choose the long one in a bohemian style with flowers or hot colours and add a large belt. The one just over the knees, pleated with a skin belt.

Wathever the lengh! Dare the skirt this summer!

New look

New look for new day








Men’s shoes:



Actually wearing the most fashionable and branded clothes is the preoccupation of anyone who wants to look great, especially since it can influence self-confidence for many people. Personally, I take care of my shoes more than anything else.

Here is a collection that I find recently at Samuel Windsor. Many styles are available.

Classic shoes to look elegant:



Prestige shoes that offer a combination of comfort and durability:



Slip-on shoes that you can wear for formal and casual occasions as well:



Slippers which are at the same time luxury and comfort, realy the best choice for a day lazing around the house:

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