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Orbit, a reason for men to interest thereselves to laundry :

This is it, the future is coming right in our houses… This washing machine is a new concept by a french designer Elie Ahovi for Electrolux, and may be available in 2050… Tom Cruise and Will Smith beware ! You will have to use these machines in your next movies !

Orbit, a reason for men to interest thereselves to laundry

Orbit, futuristic design of an electrolux washing machine.

Orbit uses neither water or soap in order to wash clothes : the machine is round-shaped, a magnetised circle and a central “bubble”. The spherical drum is composed of unbreakable glass and ice carbon which cleans all clothes inside. The magnets all around the structure will act like a normal drum, turning the sphere around and around but without touching the structure. The spherical drum will float like a cloud by electromagnetic impulsions; this procedure will also make electricity by induction, making this incredible washing machine autosufficient.


How to use Orbit

Qmilch an ecological fabric made with milk !

Milk in clothing?  A real revolution in the world of textiles.

Milk would own another vocation than to feed humans. Witness the creation of a German biologist and designer: a fabric made from milk protein. This idea has earned its creator the Innovation Award of the Association for Research in textile in Germany.You want to wear milk?  Qmilch is actually a fabric created from casein contained in cow’s milk. Designed by a 28 years old German designer and biochemist, Anke Domaske, its represents the first industrial fiber certified chemical free. Ecological fabric, it follows from the reduction in milk protein powder, then boiled and pressed to wire. These are then woven into a fabric. This produces a product similar to the softness of silk. As required, the texture can be Qmilch shiny or rough. As natural as durable fabric is machine washable as cotton. Anke Domaske has already launched her clothing line in Hanover.


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