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Choc Creator : a 3D chocolate printer

Easter is already finished, but for Choc Edge, that argument is invalid for not thinking about chocolate anymore. Therefore, they invented a machine that can print chocolate in three dimensions. The program used by the printer is open-source, and you can shape the chocolate in the three directions (height, depth and length).

3D chocolate printer

Choc Creator 3D chocolate printer.

The machine is still in a prototype phasis, but Choc Edge will commercialize it soon enough. Choc Edge is a spin-off company from the University of Exeter, where the founder of the company Dr. Liang Hao created 3D chocolate printing technology in association with colleagues and students.

You can see videos on their website : .

Laser or ink-jet printer?

The best printer must print quickly and cheaply? Then buy a laser printer. It costs a little more than an ink-jet, but later saves a lot of money and time.

Recently, ink-jet printers are cheaper shamelessly. However, their price does not so low, the value as needed to pay for the ink cartridge refill. Although ink-jet printers are indispensable in producing pictures, but if most prints text, rather buy a laser printer, which makes it much cheaper and faster.

Most laser printers are better than ink-jet? Monochrome laser printers are popular for a number of benefits:

High printing speed. Laser printing equipment is several times faster than ink-jet. Therefore, laser printers is often used in offices, where you need to print lots of documents. Of course, this speed comes in handy at home.

Mobile and resistance. Compared with ink-jet, laser printers are more resistant to various environment impact. For example, they are completely resistant to strong light, water, to a lesser extent – abrasion, change requests, and saliva. Therefore, a laser printer sheets are longevity’s.

Reliability. Laser printers is produced without using of liquid and sophisticated ink-jets. Such devices used to print a laser beam heated drum, and bulk toner powder.

Low cost of printing. Laser printers are much cheaper. This amount can be further reduced by filling the powder or using non-genuine toner cartridges

Uses a lot of energy. An ink-jet printer is printing on average consumes 10 watts of energy, and laser – even one hundredth So, they are using about 10 times more of electricity than ink-jet relatives.

Hazardous substances. Tests showed that the number of laser printer cartridges contain harmful substances. Moreover, the printed material is often discarded into the environment. Due to the high pollution and energy consumption, using a laser printer, you should aim to be as brief as possible to turn an electrical outlet. You will save money and health.

The winner of all laser printers is Canon i-SENSYS LBP6650dn:
Canon i-SENSYS LBP6650dn
This printer has average speed and print quality. It is relatively expensive to print. But worth the praise that the toner was not harmful. Drawer unit can accommodate only 151-page, often making it necessary to supplement it.

Machine to the computer is connected via USB cable. The price is right, especially if you buy it from Pixmania and  use Pixmania promotional codes. Those Pixmania promotional codes gives you a possibility to get your printer more simply and for discount prices.

How to choose the best printer? How to get an entire satisfaction on printing results for a discount prices? We give you the best counsel to find the best solution. Pixmania discount codes gives you an exceptional possibility to pay less for the best  Canon i-SENSYS LBP6650dn   laser printer.  Don’t miss this chance!

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