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Windows 8 : victim of his boot-speed !

In his last review, Microsoft affirmed that his Operating System boots too quickly… It’s not really a problem for everyday user, which will be surprised and impressed that his computer boots in an average of 2 seconds on an SSD hard drive (12 seconds on a mechanic hard drive). However, the same user, who now wants too boot the safe mode, he will also observe that clicking on the “F2” button is much, much harder than before. Therefore, all the concept is being rebuilt in Microsoft’s labs, in order to prevent these problems.

Microsoft's potential boot menu

Microsoft’s potential boot menu

Microsoft also declared that they had many options to improve this issue : they make a boot menu, or they decrease the fast boot. Still don’t know which one is better though, but this is quite a good news anyway that microsoft’s new operating system will be efficient, and maybe entirely reconcile users with the firm back from the Vista fail.

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