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Office Interior design (part 1- Classical Office Interior design)

Modern office interior today universally determined not only success, but also it’s an image element and face of company’s activities. Regardless of how designers are developing ideas for new offices, a typical image of the office remains unchanged. A complex of office equipment must be functional, comfortable, fits to company’s image and be perfect for the people working in.

If we look at the interior design office’s history, we always can find more signs of the spirit of the epoch that in home interior design. Currently, the office furnishings often become a model for homes install. And it’s not a coincidence: communication line between home and office changed a lot. People spend a lot of time in the offices and it’s important to make sure that they feel well. Office becomes not only more functional, but also happier place to work.

You don’t need to be a design specialist to understand that the small office and a solid bank office must be different. The most common criteria here is the emotional expression in every interior element. The banks, lawyers and notary’s offices, high-level offices are examples of activities where conservatism in the office design is recommended. It is here that the whole glory can lead to the famous imperial style – classicism – with purity of lines, smooth transitions and expensive materials. Here isn’t a lot of decor. Most used materials are heraldry, copper, bronze, silver – it shows the honor and glory. Classicism option may be easier or strong English style. Tradition of this style is inviolable, but the rugged oak panels can hide the new server, and on the traditional green table can stand modern computer system.

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