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” Darling, where we leave for the holidays? “

With the Arabic revolts, people have to revise their holidays destinations this summer. According to the professionnals, Tunisia and Egypt would be avoided,for the benefit of the other Mediterranean holiday resorts just like Greece. Distant countries will not be so far left out. Return on these fashionable destinations of this year.

Italy remains on of the favorite destination. Because of the development of the Hotel, it’s time to discover the Spanish island Tenerife . Thessalonica, the Greek capital of the Balkans has a lot to offer and should be the big winner by taking advantage of the Arabic crisis. As well as, Turkey, for the tourists who would have wished to go in Tunisia or in Egypt. In spite of the Arabic crisis, Morocco remains a destination appreciated by the French tourists. Marrakech is the most well known city where we can spot celebrities but you can also visit smaller but not less incredible cities, with such landscapes, it remains the country to visit. Canada and its big spaces attract the tourists. For people who like luxury places, it is the opportunity to discover quite new Ritz Carlton, inaugurated last February in Toronto or New York which is and will be the first destination. Host country of the rugby World Cup next September, New Zealand could see much more people coming. Taking advantage of the returned political stability, the Thailand should find its tourists too this season.

Wherever you choose to go, don’t forget the glasses.

Fun and exciting destinations to travel to!


Never miss a chance to travel and visit new areas.

Our world is so rich of areas and spots that are worth exploring and travelling to. So, try to always have the sense of curiosity and the desir of discovering new destinations, spaces, countries, cities and so on…
In this humble article, I will post pictures and reviews about places that I’ve travelled to, and others that I have yet to visit.

Amazing view from Dublin in Ireland

Remnants of Dublin Castle in Ireland, amazing isn't it!

Look at how amazing Dublin castle is. It has got a gothic touch that reminds you of the middle ages of when it served as a major defensive work on the orders of King John of England. Once you gaze upon it, trust me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it, for it’s got a charming look that somehow casts a spell on you and leaves you speechless. This castle that’s located in the cultural city Dublin really worthes visiting and learning more about, for it holds a rich history. If you decide to pay this fancy city a visit, then save a lot on your online booking with Lowcostholidays.Com!

The charming Sharm El Sheikh

Is there anything that could beat a holiday in the Fantastic Sharm El Sheikh?

What could be better than having a holiday with your dear ones in the heavenly resort of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypte! Truly nothing could ever replace the joy and the ecstasy that you feel when you are in Sharm El Sheikh. Once being there, you truly won’t get enough of the warm sun that softly caresses your skin while you lay down on the golden sand, it’s a magical feeling that one couldn’t describ by words! I personally have never had a better sunbath than the one I had when laying on the beach of Sharm El Sheikh. And I never relaxed and enjoyed a holiday like I did when I went to Sharm El Sheikh, it’s an incomparable spot where you will feel like you belong in there. It truly was sad the goodbye moments of when I was taking my leaves and returning home, I just wished it never ended… But I had to leave with the hope of getting back again for more. So if you want to experience a heavenly great holiday, all you need to do is to book online for a holiday to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypte with Lowcostholidays.Com, it’s cheap!

Disneyland in Paris

Yes! It's Disneyland in Paris!

Now it’s time for endless hours of fun and entertainment in the famous and reputed Disneyland! What a fancy place to visit, it’s a big shame for anyone who’s in Paris and never been to Disneyland before. Once in there, you will feel a surge of energy flowing inside of your body, you’ll feel like if you’re years younger (my case, me who is a quiet old man). I went with my family and I couldn’t help but enjoy my time and my rides on the thrilling roller coasters and the excitment of seeing the virtual Disney characters being actually there standing in front of you, that truly brought back some great memories of my childhood with Mickey, Donalds and the other famous characters. So, if you ever happen to be in France, or able to go there; you really shouldn’t miss the golden opportunity to go and pay Disneyland a visit! you will not only enjoy your time, but also wish that it would never end!
For any other information concerning Disneyland, check out Disneyland Paris discount for cheap hotels’ bookings and many other offers.

Book for hotels with Opodo

Online booking for hotels has made it all easy for us.

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