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Revolutionary Electronic Devices

Electronic devices, phones, laptops, cameras, printers, headphones

A diversity of indispensable devices in our daily life.

We witness the appearance of new electronic devices everyday. Just some months ago, we heard on the news about the release date of the amazing 3DS console:

Nintendo 3DS console

The amazing handheld console that has impressed us all.

This all new handheld console has truly showed that technology has no bounderies. You won’t need to have any 3D glasses on to see things in 3 dimensions on the screen of this little, yet incredible device.

Nintendo Wii

Always from the same great company Nintendo, we have this great Wii console.

Years ago, in the end of 2006 to be exacte, Nintendo has surprised us with a revolutionary invention that has brought a whole new experience to gaming. A console that mingles you with the game that you are playing, that is by using the Wiimote while moving your body.

You may find both of these cool devices, the 3DS and the Wii in Tesco Direct and with a cheap price if you purchase it during Tesco direct voucher.

HP Laptop

High performing Laptop from HP

HP G72-a60sf, a great laptop with a high configuration:

_Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core
_Memory (RAM): 4 GB
_Storage (Hard Drive): 320 GB
_Operation System: Windows 7 Home Premium
_Screen size: 17.3 inches.

This incredible Laptop is available in the online store of Comet, and can be bought from there with a significant discount using Comet voucher codes.

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