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My House, my Rules, my Pleasure!

My house

My house

As so well said it Donatella Versace in its short-lived advertising campaign for H&M, our place of life has to be a house of pleasure in which only our laws and our envy count!It is for that reason that it is necessary to have furniture that looks like us in all the rooms of our housing environment! Indeed, after the work, the exits and the others: our house or our apartment has to be the place or we have to take refuge after the attacks of the outside world!  If this place adorned us too foreign we shall have no same pleasure to live there!Read, please this article and be attentive: it will give you keys to realize a perfect inside and which looks like you!For me there are two types of environment of living: a simple but design house or an eccentric and a design house!As you see the importance of design is important for you but, this aspect of house will soon be important for you!Usually people give a posh aspect to design houses and considerate that this made for riche people.There people go to wrong point! For my part, as a non rich person I considered design like something very beautiful and pure capable to give a natural aspect to every house!That’s why I divided the design aspect in two categories:  simple and eccentric houses!In conclusion: simple is furniture that every people can buy: in contrary, eccentric furniture created by fashion designers in order to touch a certain kind of people.In the two cases, the most part of theses furniture are  so amazing! So it’s possible to have fine furniture if we have much money or not: everybody deserves a beautiful house were to live!



First, there is simple design which is the type of design that everyone can have access! Furniture in this case is very originals and fine! The advantage of this aspect of design is that people can have fine furniture without spend so much money! This aspect of furniture is represented by the Swedish furniture company Ikea! Ikea is the first and the only one company according to me who is capable to provide fine furniture and not too much expensive at the same time! Until their creation their evolution is bigger and bigger in Sweden and in other places of the planet! Ikea is one of the bigger names of furniture Company even if it’s not too much expensive! In fact: they create a unique concept which is: furniture not too much expensive with a good quality. For my part, my house is full of Ikea furniture! I find it fine and accessible to everyone! At the same time the Ikea is capable to propose new furniture and original designs every year! That’s why, I really like this brand, and I never stopped to like it!

To finish, furniture can be as a masterpiece. This aspect of houses is represented buy the creations of many fashion designers who propose to us eccentric but some originals furniture! This new aspect of house living is represented by some fashion designers like: Jean Jacques de Castelbajac who is the idol of many fashionistas in the world for celebrities and anonymous! In fact this kind of furniture is unique and people keep it like something precious! That’s why fashion designers want because they want to create something unique that can be use for many years! There is an image of furniture on the bottom created by the fashion designer Jean Jacques de Castelbaljac: what do think about that?



So did you already choose your clan! Will you decide to have a simple design or an eccentric design!For my part, I already have a little idea! Good luck for your future houses plans!

Interior Design and Furnitures in Amazing Styles.

Gorgeous bedroom from Lyon Walnut Furniture

Fantastic bedroom from Lyon Walnut Furniture - Bentley Designs.

Check out this amazing looking bedroom from Lyon Walnut Furniture. It’s from dark brown wood that gives the whole room a sophisticated and original look. Lyon Walnut Furniture collection is perfect for it could fit with any room decoration you have, it’s a touch that combines both a bold modern look with a classic design. You can easily find this gorgeous Lyon Walnut Furniture collection of bedrooms at a great price with Oak Furniture Solutions voucher code.

Nutkin Childrens Furniture

An amazing children's bedroom from Nutkin Childrens Furniture.

Always in Oak Furniture Solutions online store, we find this amazing kids’ bedroom from Nutkin Childrens Furniture. What do you think about it? It’s Amazing, right! This environmentally friendly children’s bed is high quality and has a non-toxic paint and a seven-step painting process to ensure a crisp and fresh, yet resilient finish. Which means, if you concider the idea of buying it, then you are sure that you will spend your money on a worthy product.

Amzing range of Living rooms

It would be hard to pick one from this collection of amazing living rooms!

It has always been hard for me to make a choice for my purchases, especially if the choices are much, and very interesting! This image shows several Living rooms that I think are amazing and very chic. They are all in different styles, designs and colors to suit all types of living rooms you may be looking for. So if you ever want to change the look of your living room, or you are about to buy a new one, don’t forget to check the rich collection that Oak Furniture Solutions provide. You are sure to find what suits you at affordable and competitive prices!

Santana Reclaimed Oak Desk with 8 Drawers

Small, yet amazing desk from Santana Reclaimed Oak.

Have a look at this fantastic desk with 8 drawers from Santana Reclaimed Oak. I find it very practical with its size that is a medium one to fit in every office or study you may have. The high quality wood that it is made of makes it a durable desk and gives it an authentic style that pleases the eye. So in case if you’re looking for any medium sized desk from solid wood and with a gorgeous look, don’t hesitate to check out the range of discounted desks provided by Oak Furniture Solutions!

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