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The next generation of computers (Part 3)


Last week, I wrote about the most important categories of computer: PCs and Mac. But a new kind of computer is merging! Google is going to launch, maybe a new future, the first computer which entirely work under Internet: Chromebook!

Like we spend our most computer time on the Internet, Google find a new way to make easier the way we use computer.

Chromebook, is built on many aspects, just cited right after.

– The instant Web: we only have to wait 8 seconds before the Chromebook turn on. We can go on the Internet easier than before, the latest web standard runs on this Chromebook, for instance with Adobe Flash.

– Chromebook employ the principle of  “defense in-depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot. Our Chromebook is still protect from threat of malwares and viruses.

– Chromebook is always connected on the Internet thanks to Wi-Fi and 3G: you can go on Internet any time, anywhere, you just have to start your chromebook.

– Chromebook is always updates. The big difference with other PCs is that any time you open your Chromebook, it is still new, because it is updated all day long, the apps are updated automatically. You always get the latest version of operating system.

– Chromebook allows you to get all your data safely in the cloud! Your apps, your documents, are stored in the cloud. If your Chromebook is lost or stolen, you don’t lose your data, and you just have log on an other Chromebook to get back your data.

– With millions of web apps, Chromebook allows you to get great games, spreadsheet, photo editor, whatever…

With this last part, we can conclude that computers are really revolutionnary!

The next generation of computers (Part 2)

Since few years now, Mac is becoming the best retailer of High Tech equipment.

But, its place is due to not only IMac and Macbook, but also with all ranges of IPod, IPad, ITouch.

Apple succeeds in creating a demand of High Tech equipment for all classes of customers (family, business people, teenagers, adults) with contents for everybody.

The Macs are living a new revolution actually with all new desktop operating system OSX Lion.

With this all new operating system, a new way of computing is beginning: all become easier!

For instance:

Multi-Touch Gestures make easier to the way to interact with Mac, making all more intuitive and direct including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom and full-screen swiping

Mission Control allows watching in one only move what is running on your Mac (Dashboard, Exposé, and Spaces)

Launchpad is a new full-screen home for all the apps on your Mac, in one click all your apps appear just in front of you.

I could write all day long, but there are 250 other improvements on this new revolutionary desktop operating system.

Apple is changing all we know about High tech: it transforms the way we use our cell-phone with the touchscreen IPhone (since the first I-Phone, the cell-phone market has known a revolution)

And so with the IPad: a new sector is growing under the impulse of Apple. Samsung, HTC,… have decided to create their own tablet, creating new way to surf on the Internet, to work,…

We can experiment new way to communicate any where with anyone.

We can use this tablet to show some conference, or meeting.

we can watch movies, documentary, playing game, listen music in the subway, on the road,…

And so I conclude today with the next generations of computers.

I can’t wait tomorrow 😉

The next generation of computers (Part 1)

Nowadays, life without computers is no longer available. We use them every day for everything: Internet (surfing, chatting, facebook,…), working, gaming, watching movies,…

We need them more and more powerful, intuitive, secured, easy to use.

There are real stakes for firms to realize improvements all year long to get a monopole, just like Microsoft for instance.

With its new generation of operating system, Windows 7, Microsoft is able to offer to a great majority of people, the most advanced, secured, improved and intuitive operating system ever built.

Surfing has never been so secured, easy and quick; navigation on monitoring has been improved to make it easier for everyone, data have never been more secured thanks to a 25 Gigas on Microsoft servers (USB data center are no longer used)

But the improvements take place everywhere, in the computers themselves!

Constructors such as Asus, Sony, HP, Dell works every days to improve their machines and changed forever the face of computers.

After having improved technology, with more and more powerful graphic cards and processors, constructors begin thinking differently and improve their machines otherwise.

The last technology advanced is the touchscreen PC. With the new technology, it is allowed to use PC, like never before!

It becomes funnier to use computer and it is going to change the face of using PCs. Now it is just to show off your friends, using your computer to show photos and videos, but tomorrow it will be the way to use every days at work, at home, to make some presentation in front of billboards, etc.

What will be happened in few years, what will be the next generations of computers? 3D, Disappearance of screen … Any case I’m in a hurry to see what will happen!

In the Second part, we will talk about Mac and its new improvements.

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