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Brand-new born from Google : Google Drive

Google Drive is the new cloud computing application of Google. However, what is exactly cloud computing ? To explain it in a sentence, cloud computing is an online application that allows the user to store and share whatever he wants, and the application can communicate with many devices (computer, mac, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones…).

There are many kinds of cloud computing, but the most interesting are DaaS and STaaS : Data as a Service and STorage as a Service. These two allow users to connect to the application wherever they are and with every device he registered. Data and storage concern all type of documents and informations : internet accounts, Word documents, videos… and you can access with your Google + account to share instantly in one click.

Before Google, there were a lot of other services, for instance DropBox, or Amazon, but Google has an important sharing service provided with (certainly same sharing than Google Docs). Google Drive is absolutely free for the first 5GB. In order to have more, prices are : less than 2$/month for 25GB and up to 800$/month for 16TB.

The cloud computing experience is having more and more importance in our lives. Google already found that out, and after 6 years of developing its new application, Google Drive is out now (but not for all devices yet). Visit the official website to obtain more informations and to see the video.

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