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Orbit, a reason for men to interest thereselves to laundry :

This is it, the future is coming right in our houses… This washing machine is a new concept by a french designer Elie Ahovi for Electrolux, and may be available in 2050… Tom Cruise and Will Smith beware ! You will have to use these machines in your next movies !

Orbit, a reason for men to interest thereselves to laundry

Orbit, futuristic design of an electrolux washing machine.

Orbit uses neither water or soap in order to wash clothes : the machine is round-shaped, a magnetised circle and a central “bubble”. The spherical drum is composed of unbreakable glass and ice carbon which cleans all clothes inside. The magnets all around the structure will act like a normal drum, turning the sphere around and around but without touching the structure. The spherical drum will float like a cloud by electromagnetic impulsions; this procedure will also make electricity by induction, making this incredible washing machine autosufficient.


How to use Orbit

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