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KegDroid, a beer tap under Android:

May 2012 is definitely full of surprises… Blizzard fans are behind their screens playing the much waited Diablo 3, meanwhile Android and beer fans will be astonished by this: Paul Carff designed an Android beer tap. The name of this prototype is KegDroid (called Betsy sometimes); its physical appearance is the famous BugDroid. The particularity of the machine is not only the design, it is also the Motorola Xoom tablet who is incorporated (it can be removed for another tablet if wanted) and an Arduino system inside the machine in order to pump it up (the beer of course). However, the only way of payment is by an NFC chip: we can believe this is the beginning of Google’s marketing for businesses in order to introduce his new NFC application (Google Wallet).

Android beer tap

Betsy / KegDroid beer tap

Moreover, the application is connected to your Google + account, and here is a video showing how works the whole system!

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