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You should wear a headband too.

Lately, I realized how much accessories have became necessary to fashion in general. You can wear the most stylish chino pants or the most amazing flowered dress it will never look that good if you do not accessorize it. Of course you think of earings, necklaces, bracelets…

Well me, what comes immediately to my mind is headbands. Once upon a time, it was the number one accessorie for hippies, but that was the sixties. By now, you cannot put a toe on the sidewalk without seeing a fashionista wearing a headband. It is not suprising then if even Mischa Barton recently launched her own headband line.

Mischa Barton promoting her headbands collection

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Mary Olsen, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and many others are wearing it on a daily life basis as well as on the red carpet or to the most hyped parties. This is what Frenchies call “Hippie Chic” and this is how women from all over the globe want to look like: glamorous and stylish with a simple item.

Paris Hilton wearing a headband for a night out

Display of Henrin Bendel' headbands

I personnally bought my first one in New York City in the famous Henri Bendel Shop (this is all about Gossip Girl…) where the saleswomen taught me how to wear it: above your fronthead, with or without plaits, or traditionnally “It all looks amazing anyway”.

Henri Bendel New York

Of course Bendel’ headbands aren’t truly affordable, luckily every ready-to-wear shops such as Topshop, New Look, Zara, Mango… became aware, just like me, of the necessity of having it in their wardrobe, so they followed the wave… Just as the most famous celebrities, and the most world-renowned fashion designers.

So, girls, you better surf on it as well !

Choose healthy sunglasses

For protecting the eyes there are different types of lenses including anti reflected, polarized lenses, etc, these later are used for reducing the glares reflected. The polarized lenses are not used for anyone, they are especially used by players snow sports, fishers or playing waters.

Thanks to the sunglasses designers for making all these huge styles in order that each one of us can find what he is looking for. We should all protect our eyes from the sun, but why not with voguish sunglasses. I chose to end this part of my article with this picture, i like this style, these sunglasses provide 100% of UVA and UVB protection, so be careful when you are choosing your sunglasses.

Healthy sunglasses

Healthy sunglasses

Normally the sunglasses had been made to protect the eye from the hazardous of the sunlight, but we see now that they become an essential part of vogue. Various styles and brands in fantastic designs are now available everywhere, they have become an essential accessory for adults and children. If you want to buy sunglasses, you will be lost in the variety of lenses colours, these colors give to the user the clarity and the comfort to his eyes during all the daylight.



The Ray-Ban sunglasses.

What do you think of the brand of Ray-Ban sunglasses, i find it one of the best iconic brands for sunglasses, they strive to bring the best to their customers, the best design and the unbeatable quality. When i check the Ray-Ban’s styles i find that everyone can find his taste, they have iconic styles that suit all the desires. One of the Ray-Ban’s signature pieces is the Aviator sunglasses, personally i adore this style, the Aviator style, matches with all face’s shapes and all ages. Honestly Ray-Ban had made a great mark in the world of fashionable sunglasses.

Aviator style sunglasses

Aviator style sunglasses

Hide your eyes by stylish sunglasses.

The world of fashion is full of many tips and accessories that add on you a glamour look. Take for example the sunglasses, i notice that the designers of sunglasses had returned to the old fashioned styles and frames, but they look fabulous. I find that the oversized sunglasses are the hottest and the most searched. I love this style it looks crazy when matching them with big-sized accessories and large hat, believe me, you will look distinctive. The most of us stay confused in choosing the most stylish design for sunglasses, it’s just a matter of choice, but you can follow the other’s view this helps sometimes. The matter is not how to find the trendiest sunglasses’s style, but how to find the right style that match with your face, you may spend half an hour in trying many frames and styles, but at the end you will buy one, the main thing is to leave the store and you are completely satisfied with what you have bought.

Oversized women sunglasses

Oversized women sunglasses

Stylish women’s shoes

Everybody needs to look unique and different from others, especially women, they create their own fashion by themselves when they wear something different in style in all types of shoes, accessories, clothes etc. In my personal view i focus on shoes, i’m always looking for special style in shoes, i think that you can know the personality of the one from his shoes, i’m sure that many people will not agree with me, anyway this was just between brackets. I’m sure that everyone of you feel lost when going to buy shoes, especially if you are in front of beautiful styles, if you are shopping online you have the whole time to choose without the disturbance of the seller, but if you are in store the seller will start making his suggestions and his advertisement phrases. It’s little hard to buy and to choose the suitable style of shoes, it depends on what kind of clothes you have, not like before, there was just one type of shoes, now you can choose between the casual, sneakers, high-heeled, sandals, etc. Thanks to the genius designers, at every year they create new trends, but this year of 2011, i was so surprised with the shoes trend. Honestly it’s amazing especially in the high- heel and that’s what i love they give feminine look, they are totally stylish and intriguing. One of the best online stores, where you can find all the hottest trends of shoes is Priceless Shoes,really they have unique designs of shoes and exceptional prices especially if you used priceless shoes discount code.

High heel Shoes

High heel Shoes

Voguish watches

No one can deny that 2010 was honestly a rich year for fashionable accessories and especially watches, But with the new year 2011 there are top trends that have full attraction. This time i choosed to talk about watches, some people see that wearing a watch it’s not an important thing, buti see the opposite, i prefer wearing a watch rather than a bracelet, so everyone has his own taste. i want just to talk about this new trend of this year it’s awesome, look at these pictures, really they look gorgeous. You can enjoy more of irresistible designes at Jewelrama, they are available at unbeatable voucher codes at Jewelrama discount code, don’t forget to use it at your check out.

Luxury women watche

Luxury women watches

I’m sure that you are in search with any interesting novelties for this year about watches, so become comfortable with this new proposals of trend’s watches of 2011. I suggest to check these dynamic and pleasant to the touch collection, these watches will add an elegant touch on your suit. I choosed to present to you in these pictures different brands like Boccia, Braun, Casio, Diesel, Nixon, etc7. These brands have been echoed in the world of watches industry that’s why we find at every year a vast arrays of new trends made by geniuos designers, they have an ideal sense and taste in their combination of colours and diversifying the styles for men’s watches and women.
I’m not an expert in watche’s designers and i don’t know many, but Victorinix Swiss Army has a good reputation, he is an iconic in the world of watche’s designs. These are some pictures of Victorinox waches, this brand is known by its versatility and durability. For the best watches shopping there is Watches Shop is the best, they also provide a vast array of brands, their products have gathered between the functional and the fashionable. Just have a look at it, you may even benefit from Watches Shop discount code. Good luck in your shopping!

Fabulous selection of Women's watches

Fabulous selection of Women's watches

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