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Our Mothers are awesome.

mothers day gift from kids

mothers day gift from kids


Have you found the gift that you will buy it for your mom? I hope that you didn’t forget this day, it’s special in all mothers lives and we should celebrate it. We can’t give to our mothers all what they did for us, but at least we should remember this day and buy them a special gift. You don’t have to buy an expensive gift ,but if you are creative, you can make it by your hands like creating some artistic crafts, it will be unique and great gift for her. I decided to share with some Mother’s Day gift ideas to helps you find the best gift ideas for moms will love.

Mothers day Pampering gift

Mothers day Pampering gift


Make some cookies of your Mother's name of LOVE MOM.

Make some cookies of your Mother’s name of LOVE MOM.


Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

Homemade Mothers Day Gifts


lucky ladybug ceramic teapot duo mother's day gift ideas

lucky ladybug ceramic teapot duo mother’s day gift ideas





Mother's Day fashion and accessories gifts

Mother’s Day fashion and accessories gifts


Jewelery Mother's day gift

Jewelery Mother’s day gift


Technology Mother's Day gift

Technology Mother’s Day gift

If you want that your mother appreciates the gift that you will buy for her, don’t forget her all the 364 days. Enjoy 🙂







Iconic Products TOP 10

There are lots of must-have beauty products out there, but we’ve chosen our top 10 that we just can’t live without. Everyone should have at least one of these in their handbag. And if you planned being there you can’t go behind the iconic product over the last decade.

1 st One CHANEL No. 5 :


For the next one, U have to wait tomorrow or Guess it (and comment) ::::::::: Follow us

Wackier restaurant concepts

Just for you , a collection of unusual restaurants that provide unique dining experiences.

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 metres. It accommodates 22 people around the table with three staff members in the middle (chef, waiter, entertainer).Dinner in the Sky

Hospital Restaurant in Latvia

The restaurant looks like a medicine cabinet and the food is served in flasks and operating-room’s dishes. In addition, the customers can be tied up in straight jackets.

Hospital Restaurant in Latvia

In The Dark Restaurant in London

Dans Le Noir restaurant in London employs blind waiters who lead customers to and through the pitch-black dining experience. The original “dining in the dark” experience, this Paris-based chain has locations in London, Barcelona, Kiev and New York City. The goal is to heighten the dining experience by forcing the diner to rely mainly on smell and taste rather than sight (or maybe it’s just an excuse to get out of fancy plating? Don’t you think so 🙂 ?) Would you be down to eat a meal in the dark? Let us know in the comments.

Ice Restaurant in Dubai

Chillout is the first ice lounge in the Middle East where everything from decoration, furniture and teacups is made from ice.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Creative restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan with modern decor and full-on toilet theme.

Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Ninja Restaurant in New York

The only restaurant in the world where Ninjas serve you. Slammed for its over-the-top hokiness by critics, this TriBeCa restaurant remains popular with diners for its “ninja servers” who perform magic while you eat. The restaurant itself is themed as a “medieval Japanese village,” and you might feel like you’re eating in the middle of a Mortal Kombat live-action show. Promise: you’ve never eaten anywhere like this before.

Ninja Restaurant in New York

Greenhouse Restaurant in Amsterdam

De Kas restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands is located in a greenhouse, where they grow their own vegetables.

Prison Restaurant in Tokyo

Alcatraz is a prison themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The patrons are escorted to their “cells” before they are served cocktails named “Lethal Injection”.

Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

This underwater eatery in the Maldives, off the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, serves its diners 15 feet below sea level. Diners enter via a long dock that leads into a hut and then descend a staircase leading to a small dining room. For those who’d like to spend as much time observing sea life as they do eating it, this haunt is a must-visit.

Underwater Restaurant in MaldivesIthaa Underwater Restaurant

Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

This unusual restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand was designed by Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett from Pacific Environments Architects.

Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Tree house Restaurant in New Zealand

Mars 2112 in NYC

A destination for tourists, particularly ones with small children, this space-themed eatery in Times Square is where you should head for simulated spaceship rides and staff in alien costumes dancing “the robot.” Don’t bank on the food being edible (on this planet anyway), but expect a cover charge and some otherworldly antics to round out your dining experience.

Schwerelos & Zeitlos, Germany

If you’re ever on the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany, you should definitely swing by this bizarro eatery where diners order food on touch-screens, and your order arrives in a box via roller coaster-like tracks.

Other than the gimmick, we’re not quite sure it’s worth the plane ticket, although rumor has it that the food is actually pretty decent. However, those who love being waited on should probably stay away – there are no servers and you have to set the table yourself.

Any reactions, any feelings :::::::: COMMENTSsss 🙂

Great design ideas for your Home

Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this article will inspires you . From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements, unusually-shaped furniture objects, and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

Awesome Pixel Art Decor Pieces

In an age where technology has somewhat blurred our perception of reality, Shawn Smith works his magic within a box to help us see outside the box. This paradoxically materialistic sculptor has won acclaim by building a series of intricate 3D art sculptures that represent 2D Pixel images of different objects in nature. He mostly works with plywood, which is dyed with ink and acrylic paint to create illusory forms that look like something out of this digital world. Check out what Shawn has to say about his work.

Creative Faucets and Sinks

Novel flower faucet from HEGO. A basin faucet made completely from glass. When opened,
the water gushes out from the bottom and fills the vase up to the rim.

Udderly Irresistable Heifer Pitcher Pours Milk Like A Natural

A fun way for children to experience unexpected rural dimensions and an amusement item for adults, the Heffer Pitcher… is irresistible.  With its clever double walled glass design, the pitcher reveals its natural side when filled with milk. Probably the first adjective that comes to mind when describing this item is “cute”.

Add a Playful Rythm to Your Informal Gatherings: Swing Table

By taking some innocent childhood experience to the next level, Christopher Duffy of Duffy London… created the Swing Table, a design we are certain you will find appealing. With enough seating for eight, the unusual table is perfect for informal gatherings and great times among friends.

Petit Beurre Coushion

Cushions can find a use in almost any room, from the dining room to the living room to the bedroom. They are the perfect accessory when you need a splash of color in an otherwise dull room. There are lots and lots of cool cushions on the market, but here let us introduce you the amazing and delicious Petit Beurre coushion.

Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware

We are all aware that small things can make a world of difference. This is also true in the kitchen, where time spent cooking often needs to be “spiced up”. One way to achieve this is to constantly reinvent the space you work in visually.

Knitting Your Way Towards a Great Looking Table Set

knit cup2 10 Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware with Less Than 50$cup2 10 Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware with Less Than 50$

Colored refrigerators

Let us introduce you the collection of must-have colored kitchen appliances that no modern home can do without.


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde

Time to Realize that Life is Passing By – And If You Are Going to Work, You Might As Well Make it a Job that You Love ! Why keep going into the same boring old job – the one that doesn’t challenge you, the one that robs you of precious time all for the sake of a paycheck every two weeks when you can live a live a life that most only can dream about doing a job that others could only hope to have.  Check it out this job list


Sky Diving®

You would think that the only job you could have if you loved to skydive is to be a skydiving instructor. But in order to make the sport safe and profitable, it needs practitioners, insurance agents, trainers, rescue personnel, mechanics and riggers.


If you think that tearing down a track or through crashing waves or up and over hurdles is your idea of a good time, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore them. Want to be in the pit of a Nascar crew? Right next to the track? Do you want to drive yourself? Are you driven, in every sense of the word? Then you could find something that suits you without any problem.


Diplomatic work, government work, bodyguard work and even private investigation work, can become an exciting career venture for the right person. Working in any number of high-stakes environments requires a sense of confidence in the security personnel than most jobs would. However, the right position to match your impeccable skills and personal qualities should make the best of the best security positions a career possibility for you.

Animals and Training®

There are so many positions in the animal world–working with wild animals like lions, tigers and bears in a circus or other traveling show, training such wild animals to perform on cue for television and movie cameras, helping keep wild animals in natural habitats healthy without invading on their security and freedom? All of these remarkable positions require hands-on experience and academic training–and, if you are an animal lover with these qualifications and the desire to make your employment something out of the ordinary, then this could be for you.


Safaris are a roughing-it type of expedition; however, in these days where luxury is portable, working on a safari will entail more of your polite city-slicker skills than you would think. Be one of the crew of porters that take intrepid adventurers to their exotic destinations. As a hiking expert, you will be expected to march into, say, the most wild part of the Congo where cars are not allowed, and carry equipment, unload luggage and set up a campsite by hand.

Eco Tours®

Ecotourism has expanded by 20 to 30 percent annually since the early 1990s, with jobs as guides, business managers, assistants, marketing staff and a host of others making up an entirely new work force.  If you have a love of the wilderness and the environment, then you might find a job in eco-tourism the most satisfying of your life.


Sailing trips offer the most romantic of all trips to the serious adventure traveler while also providing the adventure crew person all the best perks they could possibly find in a lucrative job position. As opposed to a cruise, where you are a cog in a very, very big machine, the luxury adventure sail job presents you with a whole set of new and interesting challenges–making the tourists happy while providing all the amenities of a luxury cruiser on a small and intimate sailing journey.

Rocks and Caves®

Colorado, Norway, Australia–throughout the world, there are thousands of rock faces that you know you would give anything to conquer. If you’re looking for some excellent spelunking, how about jumping into a cave in Alaska, where a frozen rockface provides you with the utmost in dangerous climbing and jumping? What about the fact that you could put on your boots, pick up your picks and make the most of some serious rock by leading other enthusiasts into the experience of their lifetime.  Why take on a regular job when you can turn your climbing fixation into a full-scale employment opportunity.

Life is not about finding yourself

BUT :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Life is about creating yourself

Authentic French crépes recipe

Crepes with salted butter caramel is a classic Breton dessert. Salted caramel has a tangy, rich taste that has garnered a cult following. The best thing is that it’s so easy to make.

Add Vanilla Chantilly cream, chocolate or frutti cream to your finished crepes for a truly impressive dessert.

Preparation Time: 25 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes


For Crèpes:

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted

For Salted Butter Caramel:

  • 1/2 cup salted butter
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/16 teaspoon sea salt


Process all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture is smooth.

Allow the batter to rest in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes before making into crepes.

Melt a little butter in a crepe pan or large skillet over low-medium heat.

Add 3 tablespoons of batter to the pan and swirl until the bottom of the pan is covered with batter.

Cook the crepe for 1 minute, or until the crepe is slightly moist on top and golden underneath. Loosen the edges of the crepe, slide the spatula under it, and then gently flip it upside down into the pan. Cook for 1 minute and transfer the cooked crepe to a plate to keep warm.

To make the salted butter caramel: In a saucepan set over medium-low heat, melt the butter in the heavy cream. Immediately remove from the heat and set aside.

Place the sugar in a separate saucepan set over medium heat. Sprinkle the water over the sugar and allow it to dissolve over the heat without stirring. As the sugar begins to caramelize, occasionally shake and swirl the pan to evenly distribute the color.

When the caramel is a rich golden color, remove the pan from the heat and carefully add the hot cream and melted butter to the caramel.

Return the caramel to the lowest heat setting, whisking constantly. Cook and stir the salted butter caramel for 2 minutes over the low heat. Remove from the heat and season the sauce with the 1/16 teaspoon sea salt; stir until it is dissolved completely.

To assemble the crepes: Spoon 2 teaspoons of the caramel sauce down the center of a warm crepe and roll into a cylinder. Alternately, spoon 2 teaspoons of the caramel sauce onto the center of a warm crepe and then fold it into quarters. 

Add Vanilla chantilly créme. Drizzle the crepes with additional caramel sauce, if desired.


Lebanese way of life

Lebanese cuisine includes an abundance of mediterranean stuffs. It includes copious amounts of garlic and olive oil and lemon juice. They are typical flavours that we can found in the Lebanese diet.


Most often foods are either grilled, baked or sautéed in olive oil. Vegetables are often eaten raw or pickled as well as cooked. Lebanese cuisine follows seasons like most Mediterranean countries.


This style of serving food is less a part of family life than it is of entertaining and cafes. Mezze may be as simple as pickled vegetables or raw vegetables, hummus, baba ghanouj and bread, or it may become an entire meal consisting of grilled seafood, skewered meats, a variety of cooked and raw salads such as tabbouleh or fattoush.


At the end of a traditional lebanese meal, we often propose simple fruits. Also Baklava the well-known dessert along with a Ahwé (coffee) can be served.


Lebanese sweets include delicious pastries such as Baklava, Kaak or Sfouf. Some dishes are also specifically prepared on special occasions: the meghli dessert, for instance is served to celebrate a newborn baby in the family.


Gorgeous until the end of your nails.

Have you ever dreamed about a perfect, simple and beautiful french manucure? Even if you’re not a ‘nail artist’, doing a classic french mani isn’t as difficult as you may think.

That’s why today i’m showing you some ways to get a french manicure and make your nails more beautiful than ever!

– – – – –

– – – – –

First this is a little recap of what you’ll need:

  • a white nailpolish
  • a clear pink/peach or transparent nailpolish
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton swabs / brush
  • a fast drying top coat

Just in case:

  • a base coat – only if you want
  • a nail art pen or manucure nails guides

– – – – –

– – – – –

0. Apply your basecoat (you can skip this step, it’s not a necessity !)

1. Paint white french tips on your nails (and let them dry) :

  • with the white nailpolish
  • with a nail art pen


 First  advice: If it still seems too difficult for you, you can use french manicure nail stickers which will help you to get perfect french tips more easily!

Second advice: try both techniques to find the one that suits you best!


2. Use nail polish remover with a brush or cotton swabs to clean up and perfect the lines you made.

3. Apply 1 or 2 coats of the pink/peach nailpolish.

4. Last but not least: wait until your nails are completely dry and apply your top coat.

 – – – – –

- - - - -

This is so simple, isn’t it?

Now the only thing you have to do is to try and show us what you’ve done 🙂
You can also let your imagination run free and use different colors, so that the result will be even brighter!

Great ideas for Your wedding !

Hi Everyone, hereafter you will find greatest ideas for a beautiful wedding party. We all wish this special day to be perfect…So have a look on what we suggest you!

1- Movie marriage proposal

Imagine that you are innocently taken to the cinema to see a movie, and that in the second trailer something happen in front of all the spectators in the room… Have a box of tissues nearby because what you’re going to see is so huge! Guys, take exemple on this man.

2- Decoration

Polaroid place cards

Placing your guests is a serious work why don’t you do it in a funny way? How? With Polaroids.

Under each polaroid, write the name of the guests and some funny comments. Finally, hang the pictures with clothespins in the place where you will specify the number of each table.

Eating tree

Eating trees is a concept made in France and elaborated by the French Designer Stéphanie Marin in collaboration with a chef. Trees will receive wedding snacking and sweeties.

3D invitations

In those recent years, the trend is to create customized invitation cards that change from the traditional ones. No rules, only one : NO LIMITS

Let’s give you only one advice: the cards are funny when you involve your guest as much as possible to discover the messsage. For that, we suggest you a 3D invitation card provided with anaglyph glasses. The message of the save the date will reveal while wearing the glasses. Magic and unique !


Fingerprint guestbooks

Let’s propose you this original guest books in which each guest will mark the print with his finger and write down his name next.  That will be a beautiful “souvenir” of people who were with you in this special day.

4-Food ideas

hmmm delicious…

The smores combine crackers, melted chocolate and marshmallows to form a crunchy and irresistible sweet. The idea is to recreate a smores customized bar where you  will set up a table full of marshmallows, chocolates, different kind of toppings and obviously the well-known crackers.

Each guest will choose a flavor and skewer, and the warmth of a small fire or barbecue will melt the sweet being ready in a few seconds to join together all the ingredients chosen before.

Seems unbelievable that such beautiful things can be done using only simple things!

New ideas will be added next week , dont miss them !

IA ORA NA ! (Hello in tahitian)

Today we’re going to focus on the Tiaré amazing world ! The english meaning of the word Tiaré is utterly “flower”. The Tiaré flower represents for Tahiti a vital element as usefull as the heart for an human being.

Really, what would be Tahiti, Bora bora or Moorea without the soft perfume of the Tiaré that leaves you a long-lasting well-being impression.

The sacred flower is only found in one place in the whole world that gives an authentic character to it. In fact, it is exactly on the island of Raiatea where we can find the flower and where everything has started. Its breathtaking legend says that five-petal flower represent the five fingers of a beautiful Vahine (Tahitian girl) who fell in love with the son of a king and died of a broken heart because she couldn’t marry him. The flower has the particularity to close each night and re-open at daybreak with a slight cracking sound who symbolizes the Vahine broken heart.

Today, the  flower is the national flower of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. Polynesian people  use the  amazing fragrance blooms in their flower necklaces, that they call “Hei” in Tahiti. Also culture and traditions in some islands say that wearing a Tiaré must determine your personal status whether you’re single or not. Worn on the right ear you will be considered available and on the other side the opposite status. Moroever, the plant is believed to have medicinal properties to treat several deseases.  Indeed, the flower is used to cure for example some inflammations in the Samoa islands. Again the flower actively participates in the vahine dailylife especially the famous perfume-oil called Monoi, a nice mixture that is delicately composed of Tiaré obviously and coconut oil.

māuruuru  (thank you) and  pārahi ! (goodbye)

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