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Gorgeous until the end of your nails.

Have you ever dreamed about a perfect, simple and beautiful french manucure? Even if you’re not a ‘nail artist’, doing a classic french mani isn’t as difficult as you may think.

That’s why today i’m showing you some ways to get a french manicure and make your nails more beautiful than ever!

– – – – –

– – – – –

First this is a little recap of what you’ll need:

  • a white nailpolish
  • a clear pink/peach or transparent nailpolish
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton swabs / brush
  • a fast drying top coat

Just in case:

  • a base coat – only if you want
  • a nail art pen or manucure nails guides

– – – – –

– – – – –

0. Apply your basecoat (you can skip this step, it’s not a necessity !)

1. Paint white french tips on your nails (and let them dry) :

  • with the white nailpolish
  • with a nail art pen


 First  advice: If it still seems too difficult for you, you can use french manicure nail stickers which will help you to get perfect french tips more easily!

Second advice: try both techniques to find the one that suits you best!


2. Use nail polish remover with a brush or cotton swabs to clean up and perfect the lines you made.

3. Apply 1 or 2 coats of the pink/peach nailpolish.

4. Last but not least: wait until your nails are completely dry and apply your top coat.

 – – – – –

- - - - -

This is so simple, isn’t it?

Now the only thing you have to do is to try and show us what you’ve done 🙂
You can also let your imagination run free and use different colors, so that the result will be even brighter!

5 ways to happiness.

Happiness, what such a word that gathers lot of realities. There always have bad days, and it will always be, but there are so much more good ones. So you have to find the balance between the worse and the best things.

We don’t pretend to give you the key to get constantly happy, but here are some advises that will help you getting into the right way.

1. Carpe Diem.

Don’t worry about what you’re going to do, enjoy every moment and take the positive aspect of them. There’s always worse and keep in your mind that you’re unique!

2. Napping has never been so good. 

Turning the light out, getting into bed or just having a little nap… It will give the suitable time to your brain to relax.

3. Sometimes it’s good to say NO.

Be the one who makes decisions. Nobody can choose for you, so if anything bothers you and isn’t necessary, just say no and take some good time.

4. Laugh, laugh, and laugh again. 

Recent studies have shown that laughing five minutes a day contributes to raise life expectancy. So feel free to smile!

5. Loneliness sounds like happiness

Be convinced that it’s not a shame to be alone and take time off. Sometimes, it might be good for you to focus on yourself.

So it’s time for you to be happy!

 Now it’s up to you! Let us know your little secret that makes you feel happy.

Be the Boy!

Revealed by Godard and its movie: « A bout de souffle » in English: « Out of breath », the boy hairstyle became since a must have. Delicate she sublimates the lines of the face and gives an androgynous style which is not sound to make its small effect!So how to know if the boy hairstyle it’s make for me or for you!Calm down I will give you all the advices to have the perfect boy hairstyle in order to be the Perfect candy boy!

Short cup

Short cup

But, before cutting everything you have to make sure that you have the face and the silhouette made to have the short hair! It is necessary to keep always for the spirit that the short cut does not go to everybody! Then before cutting, you have to ask some advices from your hairdresser and to follow these advices. You can adopt the short cup if you have a face rather fine and a rangy silhouette!Avoid it if your face is rather big! It will stress your curvatures!On the contrary, the short cup goes at any age! Nothing better to give some dynamism and originality that a small short cup for a mature woman!

Adopt a short hair will bring you numerous profits. When you will have cut yourselves hair, you will have more time to dedicate to other things that your hairstyle and you will also have the opportunity to leave the other facets of your physical appearance shine. If you have not made it yet, and you made the decision there, think about the means to make it in a varied and original way. A short cup does not mean that is the end of diversity. You can add accessories and other jewels for hair. Finally, it does can be very pleasant to see on a short hairstyle accessories!Don’t think that a short cup it’s not divested of any interest!

Many stars already adopt the short cup as if Rihanna at first followed by many other celebrities!

Like Emma Watson recently who is really amazing whit her new hairstyle!

Halle berry


Agyness deyn

Agyness deyn

Will you adopt the short hairstyle in a close future?

This is nails party time!

How to have beautiful nails without efforts ?That’s a very tuff question. Indeed, we all dream about pretty nails.Do you believe that? Is now possible to have nails magazine just with some ideas, and by taking a few minutes.For me, there is nothing more beautiful thing that the fact to see a happy woman at ease with herself because of her manicurist! It’ s what i feel every days thanks to my creative nails. It’s easy and very funny.Create   your own masterpiece  by inventing an original nails desigh by doing some nail games by yourself or with your friends!

Rainbow manucure

Put all the colors that you want in your nails!

Your question is now : what colors to take, what kind of manucurist i have to do? I can understand that! Choosing a nails ponish and the manner that we have to put that is more difficult that it’s looks tike.See the last creations thtat i found  on internet. If they help me, they will help you!Be creative, ambitious and rebel,your dream nails are coming soon!By following my advices you can miss your manicurist!

Colorful Manucure  Lancôme

Put different colors in your nails. Just one rule to respect : the colors have to be similar!

French mat/brillant Yves Saint Laurent

Try Yves Saint Laurent Style

Welcome to the beautifull land of very important nails!

Putting makeup is not easy.

Hello ladies, imagine if there is no makeup in the world, do will look ugly and pale? I don’t think so, but it’s just the matter of addiction, there are some ladies who couldn’t appear without makeup or at least putting the foundation and lipstick. The makeup has been invented to spruce up the face and give a perfect look by adding some elements to highlight the eyes, the lips and all the features. Not all the women have born with a natural beauty because the makeup doesn’t add the natural touch, it just changes and highlights the features of the face, so the natural touch is very essential to complete the perfect look.

Full makeup face

Full makeup face

Putting makeup on the face is an art you need to learn it before you do it, or you will create a messy on your face, some people should know that not every type of makeup suits everyone, not just in the way of look, but they can use some kinds of makeup that doesn’t suit their type of skin. In my point of view i like putting light makeup, it looks more natural than the heavy one and i carefully choose the color of the eyeshadow to not look monstrous. I read in magazine about beauty that not all the colors match with any time in the day, taking for example the grey eyeshadow, the dark blue and all the dark colors can be used on the morning, but at night you can use all the light colors, these latter give a shine to your face, with putting your mascara you will get magical eyes.  Don’t forget to enhance your natural look with a perfect one and choose the makeup that suits your face in order to look more glamorous and beautiful.

Eyes with different eyeshadows colors

Eyes with different eyeshadows colors

Offering gifts is a pleasure!

In the twenty-first century human live is moving so fast that generally we don’t have enough of time for nothing. We don’t pay enough of attention on our physical health, sports, cultural programs, which are very important for our emotional state, don’t need to talk about a pleasure to offer the gifts! Psychologists say that to give more time for little pleasures is vital and necessary. Some people would argue that today buying gift has become an obligation of attrition and not a real pleasure, do you agree with them?

Admit that is strange because to offer a gift generally is a pleasure, but when we think about searching of gifts or gift’s ideas or of spending our free time for looking presents, it’s annoying. Why is this so? Certainly not because we do not love those person’s or not because they are not important to us. Rather, because we have too many tasks and responsibilities and we don’t have a free time for others as for our-self’s.

offer a gift is a real pleasure
The best solution is to buy your presents by internet! Like that you lose less of your free time. Here are a lot of forums and blogs giving you a present’s ideas as well as present online stores. In those online stores you will easily find what you need!

The celebration began with a state hoping for something better so it’s not so important what you are offering. The most important is to choose the gift who reminds something or who has a special meaning for the person. Isn’t nice to know that someone was thinking about you before giving a gift? If you are able to give to the other positive emotions, is the best spiritual wealthy! So enjoy giving the gifts and make yours and others life more pleasant!

Flowers in people’s lives

Since ancient times, flowers in people’s lives play a huge role. They have always been associated with love, joy, cheerfulness and good humor. Our forefathers gave flowers not only on holidays, but also the simple days because he believed that the magic of flowers can lift a person on the diseased feet, inspired by the lightness of life. Flower in ancient time, after a man born, pick, dried, and always carry it with, they were like a guardian angel, the safety of the plagues, disasters, and energy vampirism.
beautiful flowersbeautiful flowers
Nature has created a lot of different flowers. Each of the two hundred thousand species of these beautiful plants on our planet has its own unique, beautiful and unusual, all raise a lot of joyful emotions and feelings. Flowers not only make our lives a lot of light, but they clean the air around us, fills it with oxygen, light and delicate flavor. Scientists have long been proven that this beautiful piece of nature can absorb negative energy, give us a positively charged particle. Many scientific experiments confirmed that the vegetation has energy and have an impact of external effects – pain, death, affection.
wild flowers
Each Flower is caused by a variety of feelings you only need to be specific in its unique charm and character. Every Flower in addition to it’s specific aroma, beauty and aesthetic effect itself has some kind of hidden symbolism, the inner mind, which sometimes can even explain it-like character traits of people.

beautiful flowersbeautiful flowers

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Perfumes for Her and Him.


A collection of scentful perfumes

A collection of sensational and scentful perfumes.

The sensational Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile perfume

An Irresistible and famous perfume, Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile!

Check this amazing Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile for her in Cheapsmells online store. If you’ve never smelled this great perfume from Acqua Di Parma before, which is unlikely the case, then you truly have to try it. What a sensational and irresistible scent it has! Spray some of it on you, and witness all men crawling to you, yes actually it’s that attractive for it’s from Acqua Di Parma, the trusted world wide brand that’s used by stars and celebrities. If you decide to purchase this master piece of a perfume, Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile, then make sure that you will be purchasing it with a lowered price with Cheapsmells discount.


Acqua Di Parma Colonia for him

From the same brand, Here is Acqua Di Parma Colonia for Him.

And now, for a men’s perfume that I truly adore. Acqua Di Parma Colonia for him has an amazing manly scent that you would surely appreciate. Acqua Di Parma Colonia is composed of many rich ingredients including lavender, rosemary, Sicilian citrus, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, amber and light musk. It has a simple bottle that has an Italian charming touch that looks truly elegant. Acqua Di Parma Colonia would be a great idea for a gift for him. To purchase it and with a reduction of price, it’s just clicks away with Cheapsmells vouchers!



The sensational Hugo Boss Intense for her

Amazing fragrance for her, The Hugo Boss Intense.

Hugo Boss Intense is an amazing fragrance for her that truly has a unique and special scent. You will certainly fall in love with it once you smell this irresistible Hugo Boss Intense fragrance. This glamorous perfume is a combination of distinctive vanilla orchid and warm ambery notes put together to create this intensely feminin and sophisticated fragrance. If you’re lost about what gift you should give her, then don’t hesitate to choose Hugo Boss Intense, it is guaranteed that she’d love it! And to purchase this magnificant perfume, then you are sure to find it and with a significant price reduction with Cheapsmells discount.

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