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IA ORA NA ! (Hello in tahitian)

Today we’re going to focus on the Tiaré amazing world ! The english meaning of the word Tiaré is utterly “flower”. The Tiaré flower represents for Tahiti a vital element as usefull as the heart for an human being.

Really, what would be Tahiti, Bora bora or Moorea without the soft perfume of the Tiaré that leaves you a long-lasting well-being impression.

The sacred flower is only found in one place in the whole world that gives an authentic character to it. In fact, it is exactly on the island of Raiatea where we can find the flower and where everything has started. Its breathtaking legend says that five-petal flower represent the five fingers of a beautiful Vahine (Tahitian girl) who fell in love with the son of a king and died of a broken heart because she couldn’t marry him. The flower has the particularity to close each night and re-open at daybreak with a slight cracking sound who symbolizes the Vahine broken heart.

Today, the  flower is the national flower of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. Polynesian people  use the  amazing fragrance blooms in their flower necklaces, that they call “Hei” in Tahiti. Also culture and traditions in some islands say that wearing a Tiaré must determine your personal status whether you’re single or not. Worn on the right ear you will be considered available and on the other side the opposite status. Moroever, the plant is believed to have medicinal properties to treat several deseases.  Indeed, the flower is used to cure for example some inflammations in the Samoa islands. Again the flower actively participates in the vahine dailylife especially the famous perfume-oil called Monoi, a nice mixture that is delicately composed of Tiaré obviously and coconut oil.

māuruuru  (thank you) and  pārahi ! (goodbye)

The most incredible flowers

Did you know that more than 270,000 types of flowers exist in the world? Today, we’re going to show you the most unusual ones. Shapes, colours, textures… Every detail is going to strike you! Enjoy the trip that we offer in the fantastic flower world.

First one : The Jade Vine

It is known for its spectacular blue-green color. A particular color that reminds us  its native country Philippines. The plant grows beside streams in damp forests, or in ravines.

The second one: Chocolate Cosmos

The flower is a dark – red – brown species of Cosmos which is native of Mexico. They have a very pleasant vanillin fragrance in summer.

The third one : The Corpse Flower

This flower can reach over 3 meters in height, has large petales and offers a very particular flavour.

The last one : The Ghost Orchid

This is one of the most rare flowers in the world. Due to its characterists, its reproduction is barely impossible. Its spectacular shape gives it even more particularity.

We hope that your trip was very interesting and continue to follow us for more and more adventures!

Why don’t we buy organic food?

With this article, I will not pretend I am part of the ones who only buy and consume organic food, not at all. I belong more to the “I would like to but I can’t” group.

Nevertheless, the idea of this article came with my experience in the US. Last year, I spent a semester over there, and I tried to learn the most from my new fellow citizens through my “innocent” French eyes.

Obvisouly, organic food is not the first thing that stroke me. But as in European countries we are getting more and more sensibilized to this topic I began to observe what is the American attitude towards environmental matters and alternative ways of consumption.

Well, I quickly realized that was pretty ambitious, but what appeared quite clear to me is  that in the US, organic food is only good for hippies and other “aliens” to the average American. No offense folks, it is almost the same in France.

First of all, as far I’m concerned, I think most Americans do not feel the necessity of buying organic food or other kinds of environmental-friendly items because they do not believe in global warming and in the evident damages of unsustainable industries and the excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers that comes along with it…

Organic Food

We justify ourselves saying that we are lacking scientific proof or that it is used as a political strategy: culturally, Democrats promote environmental-friendly politics while Republicans prone a liberal economy no matter what… But there is also the proeminent belief according to which “God won’t let us die” this way… but all of these justifications hide the true reasons: global warming, depletion of ressources, the not that safe GEOM… it is a too pessimistic view of the contemporanean world. So we prefer choosing a “cooler” short-term prospect, forgetting about the future generations, rather that a too depressing long-term view.

And, my bad, I almost forgot: “Organic food is way too expensive”. You got that one, but actually, we are willing to spend a lot for goods that we judge “necessary” while in many cases there are just one more luxury supposed to make your life easier. In addition to, I will not teach anything to anyone if I reveal to the face of the world that with the system of offer/demand, the more we buy the more the prices go down. But true, we can always find “everyday low prices” at Wal-mart and it is so convenient.

Organic displays at Wal-Mart

However, even Wal-mart starts to widen its range of organic food because tomorrow protect our health and our environment will be a duty… or maybe just because it becomes more attractive, economically speaking (let’s hope it is for both reasons).

Organic Label

So as we stroll about our gigantic supermarkets, we see more and more brands such as “Eat right” and its wide range of food products, or “Whole organic milk” and many others slogans outlining the benefits of eating organic food.

Display of "Eat Right" products

So why don’t we buy organic food? Because we are not willing to take right now the risks and efforts of spending more for unpredictable results. That is pretty sad if we think about it: because then we let no choice for our children. We are about to make them grow in a polluted world (a kind of gigantic trash) and while we are still massively producing unhealthy food we are taking the risk of not being able ever to produce true organic products.

I am not the risk-taker kind of person, but frankly, I am willing to take this one, what about you?

Flowers in people’s lives

Since ancient times, flowers in people’s lives play a huge role. They have always been associated with love, joy, cheerfulness and good humor. Our forefathers gave flowers not only on holidays, but also the simple days because he believed that the magic of flowers can lift a person on the diseased feet, inspired by the lightness of life. Flower in ancient time, after a man born, pick, dried, and always carry it with, they were like a guardian angel, the safety of the plagues, disasters, and energy vampirism.
beautiful flowersbeautiful flowers
Nature has created a lot of different flowers. Each of the two hundred thousand species of these beautiful plants on our planet has its own unique, beautiful and unusual, all raise a lot of joyful emotions and feelings. Flowers not only make our lives a lot of light, but they clean the air around us, fills it with oxygen, light and delicate flavor. Scientists have long been proven that this beautiful piece of nature can absorb negative energy, give us a positively charged particle. Many scientific experiments confirmed that the vegetation has energy and have an impact of external effects – pain, death, affection.
wild flowers
Each Flower is caused by a variety of feelings you only need to be specific in its unique charm and character. Every Flower in addition to it’s specific aroma, beauty and aesthetic effect itself has some kind of hidden symbolism, the inner mind, which sometimes can even explain it-like character traits of people.

beautiful flowersbeautiful flowers

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Breathtaking Flowers and Plants for your garden to stand out.

Beautiful Lilies

A collection of colorful Lilies to start with.

I decided to start this article with something beautiful and eye-pleasing. It’s this collection of truly breathtaking Lilies, my favorit flower type. Take a closer look to the little details that make of these Lilies exceptional flowers that stand out and impress everyone who sees them. In addition the astonishing look these Lilies have, They are scentful flowers in an irresistible way, With their scent, trust me, you get this feeling of purity and freshness. These incomparable flowers are to be found in any online store, but I’d recommand taking them with Van Meuwen promo codes to benefit from a reduction of prices, as well as the high quality and farm fresh flowers they provide.


Sensational collection of Tulips

What would you say about this incredible collection of Tulips!

Another collection of attractive flowers that would surely add a remarkable touch to your garden. Tulips, this time, what do you think abou them? Sensational, aren’t they! With their amazing and attractive colours, they leave the one speechless before their incomparable beauty. Having Such Tulips in your garden would give it a whole new and fresh look accompanied with an amazing heavenly scent that you would definitely enjoy. Same for Lilies, These Tulips can be found in any online store, but as for me, I always buy while Van Meuwen Discount is on, for it offers amazing Tulips with special and exclusive offers.


Beautiful and exotic Allium flower

An attractive and exotic Allium flower.

It wouldn’t be fair to leave Allium flowers aside, right? These beautiful and exotic flowers truly are astonishing that they would make of your garden a really unique space. Few people have Alliums in their gardens, which is something I’ve been wondering about, are they expensive that people can’t afford the price to buy them! Definitely not the case, with Van Meuwen Discount, they cost arround £7 or even less. Maybe it’s because Alliums require an extra taking care of, but that’s not an excuse for not having them in your garden, Alliums are truly special and add a diverse and an alien-like atmospher to the garden, which is amazing!


Collection of Spring Plug Plants

What a sensational collection of Spring Plug Plants!

Fill your eyes with the beauty of these colorful collection of Spring plug Plants that are available in Blooming Direct. It’s an all new collection that’s farm fresh for your garden to becomes as bright and out standing as possible. Plant these amazing Spring Plug Plants and witness the huge difference and change it will add to your garden. You will find no problem finding these Spring Plug Plants and at a cheap price if you purchase them now with Blooming Direct voucher code or in the periods of Blooming Direct discount. These plants truly worth the money you will spend on them, so concider the idea of purchasing them as soon as you can!

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