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The crown is not just for the princesses

Get a cute and a stylish look by wearing a fashionable headband. Today i will help you buy a cute headband that will add to you a special touch on your face and on your style. Before buying any headband, you should check your wardrobe to see the colors that you have in order to buy the headband that matches with all your clothes. I’m inviting you to choose timeless, comfortable and secure headbands that will flatter your face. So enjoy this collection of beautiful headbands.

headbands paris hilton


fashion headbands wideface

fashion headband roundface

fashion headbands personal style

nordstrom headband

Cute Updo With Headband

Finally you can wear a headband that matches your shoes or your belt like Paris Hilton, you will be eye catching.

headband matching hilton


Oscars Fashion 2013

Have you seen the 2013 oscar? What do you think about the dresses of the stars on the red carpet. Personnaly i have been dazzled in some styles and i didn’t like others. So i choosed to show you the top 5 red carpet worst dressed and the top 5 red carpet best dressed.

 The top 5 best dressed  

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsAmanda Seyfried

Jessica Chastain, best actress nominee for her role in "Zero Dark Thirty", arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in HollywoodJessica Chastain

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsNaomi Watts

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsKerry Washintong


   The top 5 worst dressed        

British actress Helena Bonham Carter, of the film "Les Miserables", arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in HollywoodHelena Bonham

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsRenee Zellweger



Jacki Weaver, best supporting actress nominee for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook", arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in HollywoodJacki Weaver

That was all what  i have for today, i hope that you enjoyed. If you like it leave your comment. 🙂

Shoes for spring 2013

Spring is coming and you ladies and girls should be ready to start the search journey of spring shoes for this season. Last time i talk  about the styles of the spring 2013 and today i will complete the look is to show you what i have found for the latest spring shoes 2013. What woman doesn’t love a stuning shoe? I will share with you the hottest styles and trends for spring 2013, so take a look and see what will be gorgeous for your tootsies!

Beautiful embroidered heels


Sheer and mesh heels


Christian Louboutin bootie


Charlotte Olympia Spring 2013


alejandro ingelmo

I hope that you have enjoyed this collection of spring shoes 2013 and i will be waiting for your comments  and your suggestions. If  you have found something special share it with us. 🙂


Trends for Spring 2013

Today i will present you some inspirations for Spring/Summer 2013 trends. I have looked for the latest trends of this year and i have found these styles. I think that the spring 2013 trends will be full of beautiful colors, you can choose whaterver you like.

fashion 2013

Simple and stylish

Green dress

Kristen Stewart in Spring 2013 Fashion Show

New design Fashion dress

Enjoy this Spring 2013 collection and guess what will be the shoes collection for this spring, il will wait your comments.  🙂

Great design ideas for your Home

Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this article will inspires you . From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements, unusually-shaped furniture objects, and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

Awesome Pixel Art Decor Pieces

In an age where technology has somewhat blurred our perception of reality, Shawn Smith works his magic within a box to help us see outside the box. This paradoxically materialistic sculptor has won acclaim by building a series of intricate 3D art sculptures that represent 2D Pixel images of different objects in nature. He mostly works with plywood, which is dyed with ink and acrylic paint to create illusory forms that look like something out of this digital world. Check out what Shawn has to say about his work.

Creative Faucets and Sinks

Novel flower faucet from HEGO. A basin faucet made completely from glass. When opened,
the water gushes out from the bottom and fills the vase up to the rim.

Udderly Irresistable Heifer Pitcher Pours Milk Like A Natural

A fun way for children to experience unexpected rural dimensions and an amusement item for adults, the Heffer Pitcher… is irresistible.  With its clever double walled glass design, the pitcher reveals its natural side when filled with milk. Probably the first adjective that comes to mind when describing this item is “cute”.

Add a Playful Rythm to Your Informal Gatherings: Swing Table

By taking some innocent childhood experience to the next level, Christopher Duffy of Duffy London… created the Swing Table, a design we are certain you will find appealing. With enough seating for eight, the unusual table is perfect for informal gatherings and great times among friends.

Petit Beurre Coushion

Cushions can find a use in almost any room, from the dining room to the living room to the bedroom. They are the perfect accessory when you need a splash of color in an otherwise dull room. There are lots and lots of cool cushions on the market, but here let us introduce you the amazing and delicious Petit Beurre coushion.

Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware

We are all aware that small things can make a world of difference. This is also true in the kitchen, where time spent cooking often needs to be “spiced up”. One way to achieve this is to constantly reinvent the space you work in visually.

Knitting Your Way Towards a Great Looking Table Set

knit cup2 10 Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware with Less Than 50$cup2 10 Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware with Less Than 50$

Colored refrigerators

Let us introduce you the collection of must-have colored kitchen appliances that no modern home can do without.


Wedding dresses

All women dream of Vera Wang extravaganza wedding dress to look amazing on their big day.  You need to know one thing before you make or you buy your wedding dress, is to focus on the style of the dress that suits your body shape and not the trendiness of its cut or the prominence of its designer.  We should know first what style suits what shape and what‘s in trend in the world of bridal fashion.

wedding dress

Your wedding dress has to be elegant, unforgettable and so chic; it should to make you look so attractive and beautiful on your biggest day of your life.  This is why I will give you some tips to follow in order to buy the perfect wedding dress.

●First thing you have to establish your budget in order to not set your eyes on dress you cannot afford. It’s great to find a dress you love but also doesn’t exhaust your budget.

●Second point is making sure to take a person with you. You will definitely need an opinion aside like your mother or maid of honor.

●Thirdly, look at choices for sleeve style, length, necklines, trains, waistlines, etc…

●Fourthly don’t give an importance to the opinion of the sales consultant, because they don’t care if the dress look beautiful on you or not, they just want you to buy the most expensive dress. So it’s better to stick to your opinion and that of the people you take with you.

●The last point and that is the most important  when you are searching or trying your wedding dress at the shop  have fun, this is the best time in your life all the people are focusing on you and you are the center of attention , because you are o beautiful bride. Have fun!


Different styles of wedding dresses

Different styles of wedding dresses

The dream of every girl


How to choose an eyeliner?

Every woman dream of big good looking eyes by using an eyeliner, which can add on her eyes a marvelous look. This depend on how you choosed your eyeliner and if you choosed the correct pencil and color for your eyes.


I will spark some ideas to help you choose you right eyeliner by following these instructions:

1 You should first determine the correct color for your eyes and compliment them. Blue-eyed should choose a charcoal or navy pencil, brown is a perfect choice for any eye color, if you have green eyes choose sage.

2 You should know the best brand for you and especially for your skin. As you know that all brands are not the same, so you can take your time to decide the best eyeliner for you.

3 Try the product if it need to make effort to put on and take off, choose the pencil that glides on without any pulling on the skin.

4 Choose the ideal color and that you like. After putting the eyeliner make sure that the eyeliner doesn’t overwhelm your eyes, it should highlight them.

5  Don’t forget to choose the eyeliner that is waterproof, which requires a makeup remover to be cleaned.

turquoise eyeliner

After the Skirt Day, here is its year!

It ‘s the advent of the skirt in all its forms. This wear is a symbol that tells the story of women.

Wrinkled, in veil, in corolla, short, long, smart, relaxed, ethnic, the invasion of skirts begins this summer. After re-explored the pants from every angle last year, for example the return of the carrot pant, fashion made the skirt its 2012 standard. Released time for the shorts, the skirt resurfaced in the pre-fall 2012 collections

A skirt, yes, but what skirt? Short or long? Mini or maxi?Above or below the knee?

Its lengh remains the eternal problem. We like the very short sirt flared and aerated, surmounted by a fine belt in the size, with Spartans or flat shoes. But you can also choose the long one in a bohemian style with flowers or hot colours and add a large belt. The one just over the knees, pleated with a skin belt.

Wathever the lengh! Dare the skirt this summer!

Are you a fan of Sandals?

Talking about women’s sandals is a tempting topic for them, especially if they see some new designs in stores or magazines, surely they will go to purchase them. When the women want to choose the right sandals they give them the same value and time to the clothes, they want to wear something special, stylish and voguish, whether if they are looking for flat sandal or with high heel. Women are eager to collect the wider choice of sandals, to ensure that they have largest choices and also because the manufacturers produce women’s sandals in very extensive colors, designs and styles.

Women's sandals

So what about you? Are you also crazy about sandals and footwear? So if you are one of them you ought to know different information and all the types of women’s sandals.

Let me give you the types of women’s sandals because surely the designers know very well that all the women love to have various types of one thing, I find it funny but it’s real.

So women’s sandals can be divided to: bridal sandals, beach sandals, dress sandals, platform, flip flop, wedding, sport and thong. Here are some pictures to enjoy these sandals.


Beach sandals


Bridal shoes


Dress sandals


Platform sandals


Flip flop


Sport sandals


When you really find what you are looking for, no matter how much is it because you will feel confident and comfy while wearing it. The most important thing is to choose what matches with your feet and also the heel that your body can support, in order to not look like someone who didn’t wear a heeled shoes before. When buying your sandals take your time to try different styles and color until you find the perfect that will look attractive on your feet and don’t hear to what the seller is telling you because he wants you to buy the most expensive item and he doesn’t care if you have chosen the right thing or not.

So if you are a woman surely you will enjoy this article.

African Queen!

African Queen

African Queen

Africa is known all around the globe for many things like: African foods, African tribal masks, or again: African music. All those things made of Africa represent African culture. These last years: a new thing made in Africa begins to be adopted by many fashion girls all around the word. In fact: African fashion is something very famous in fashion world today. This trend inspired African fashion designers and also Europeans designers like Jimmy Choo who can take sometimes their inspiration from African fashion.  African fashion seduces a lot of women in the planet that’s why I will teach you the secrets of this incredible trend. In conclusion: I will teach you how to have the perfect African fashion style. So now: you totally want to adopt the African Queen, and you just wondering how you can achieve this goal. The answer is simple! You just have to follow my advices and then you will be the perfect African Queen in order to surprise your friends. First of all: African Fashion is not so difficult to adopt. The first thing to keep in mind is to wear big accessorizes. In fact: African fashion is also famous for these big accessorizes different to the others. Another idea to keep in mind is African clothes are very colorful. If you want some ideas you can check to Vlisco who is a Fashion brand dedicated to African fashion. Vlisco is a good help for people who want to adopt an African style definitely or just for summer for example.  You can check after that to pictures who represented a example of African style, and another a example of Vlisco’s fashion campaign 2010. The development of African fashion leads her to have her own African event represented by African fashion week like in Paris, New-York or London.  African fashion week is an international event when all the people of African fashion come together in order to discover new fashion talents. The rules are the same like Milan and the other big cities of fashion.  To give you a example: African fashion week is present in African cities like: Cape town in South Africa or Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

African Styles

African Styles



African fashion is so famous today that the big names of star system adopt it every year.  As I say it’s the symbols use to make clothes and accessories that is so seductive in African fashion.  People like Beyonce Knowles and her little sister Solange Knwoles are famous to use African fashion as a part of their style.  Solange is using African style very often and she is also famous for that.  This fact can be identifying by her famous Afro haircut.  Who better to an it girl like Solange Knowles to represent African style so week.  In conclusion: she has the perfect African fashion style.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles



To finish: African fashion is nothing without African fashion designers and the other designers who take inspiration from African fashion.  In fact in 2009 for the New-York fashion week four African fashion designers was chosen to present their fall collections 2010. These designers were: Davis Tlate, Eric Raisina, Folake Coker-Folarin who is the CEO of Tiffany Amber, and Ituen Bassi.  This fact just shows to us that the works is more and more interested by African fashion and it better for us. So are you agree to adop the African Queen known?


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