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Our Mothers are awesome.

mothers day gift from kids

mothers day gift from kids


Have you found the gift that you will buy it for your mom? I hope that you didn’t forget this day, it’s special in all mothers lives and we should celebrate it. We can’t give to our mothers all what they did for us, but at least we should remember this day and buy them a special gift. You don’t have to buy an expensive gift ,but if you are creative, you can make it by your hands like creating some artistic crafts, it will be unique and great gift for her. I decided to share with some Mother’s Day gift ideas to helps you find the best gift ideas for moms will love.

Mothers day Pampering gift

Mothers day Pampering gift


Make some cookies of your Mother's name of LOVE MOM.

Make some cookies of your Mother’s name of LOVE MOM.


Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

Homemade Mothers Day Gifts


lucky ladybug ceramic teapot duo mother's day gift ideas

lucky ladybug ceramic teapot duo mother’s day gift ideas





Mother's Day fashion and accessories gifts

Mother’s Day fashion and accessories gifts


Jewelery Mother's day gift

Jewelery Mother’s day gift


Technology Mother's Day gift

Technology Mother’s Day gift

If you want that your mother appreciates the gift that you will buy for her, don’t forget her all the 364 days. Enjoy 🙂







The crown is not just for the princesses

Get a cute and a stylish look by wearing a fashionable headband. Today i will help you buy a cute headband that will add to you a special touch on your face and on your style. Before buying any headband, you should check your wardrobe to see the colors that you have in order to buy the headband that matches with all your clothes. I’m inviting you to choose timeless, comfortable and secure headbands that will flatter your face. So enjoy this collection of beautiful headbands.

headbands paris hilton


fashion headbands wideface

fashion headband roundface

fashion headbands personal style

nordstrom headband

Cute Updo With Headband

Finally you can wear a headband that matches your shoes or your belt like Paris Hilton, you will be eye catching.

headband matching hilton


How to relax your self?

All over the word all the people suffer from stress of work,studies, routine…), so today i choosed to talk to you about this problem and suggest to you the best solutions to relax yourself and to rejuvenate your soul which are known to the people like playing sport; surfing in the net; travelling….. but listening to the Chinese music is another think, it makes you feel like you are flying. I invite you to try it it’s very amazing and very effective. Listen to these piece of music that i choosed to you.

Enjoy your time and have a good day.

Oscars Fashion 2013

Have you seen the 2013 oscar? What do you think about the dresses of the stars on the red carpet. Personnaly i have been dazzled in some styles and i didn’t like others. So i choosed to show you the top 5 red carpet worst dressed and the top 5 red carpet best dressed.

 The top 5 best dressed  

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsAmanda Seyfried

Jessica Chastain, best actress nominee for her role in "Zero Dark Thirty", arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in HollywoodJessica Chastain

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsNaomi Watts

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsKerry Washintong


   The top 5 worst dressed        

British actress Helena Bonham Carter, of the film "Les Miserables", arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in HollywoodHelena Bonham

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsRenee Zellweger



Jacki Weaver, best supporting actress nominee for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook", arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in HollywoodJacki Weaver

That was all what  i have for today, i hope that you enjoyed. If you like it leave your comment. 🙂

Shoes for spring 2013

Spring is coming and you ladies and girls should be ready to start the search journey of spring shoes for this season. Last time i talk  about the styles of the spring 2013 and today i will complete the look is to show you what i have found for the latest spring shoes 2013. What woman doesn’t love a stuning shoe? I will share with you the hottest styles and trends for spring 2013, so take a look and see what will be gorgeous for your tootsies!

Beautiful embroidered heels


Sheer and mesh heels


Christian Louboutin bootie


Charlotte Olympia Spring 2013


alejandro ingelmo

I hope that you have enjoyed this collection of spring shoes 2013 and i will be waiting for your comments  and your suggestions. If  you have found something special share it with us. 🙂


Trends for Spring 2013

Today i will present you some inspirations for Spring/Summer 2013 trends. I have looked for the latest trends of this year and i have found these styles. I think that the spring 2013 trends will be full of beautiful colors, you can choose whaterver you like.

fashion 2013

Simple and stylish

Green dress

Kristen Stewart in Spring 2013 Fashion Show

New design Fashion dress

Enjoy this Spring 2013 collection and guess what will be the shoes collection for this spring, il will wait your comments.  🙂

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