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Great design ideas for your Home

Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this article will inspires you . From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements, unusually-shaped furniture objects, and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

Awesome Pixel Art Decor Pieces

In an age where technology has somewhat blurred our perception of reality, Shawn Smith works his magic within a box to help us see outside the box. This paradoxically materialistic sculptor has won acclaim by building a series of intricate 3D art sculptures that represent 2D Pixel images of different objects in nature. He mostly works with plywood, which is dyed with ink and acrylic paint to create illusory forms that look like something out of this digital world. Check out what Shawn has to say about his work.

Creative Faucets and Sinks

Novel flower faucet from HEGO. A basin faucet made completely from glass. When opened,
the water gushes out from the bottom and fills the vase up to the rim.

Udderly Irresistable Heifer Pitcher Pours Milk Like A Natural

A fun way for children to experience unexpected rural dimensions and an amusement item for adults, the Heffer Pitcher… is irresistible.  With its clever double walled glass design, the pitcher reveals its natural side when filled with milk. Probably the first adjective that comes to mind when describing this item is “cute”.

Add a Playful Rythm to Your Informal Gatherings: Swing Table

By taking some innocent childhood experience to the next level, Christopher Duffy of Duffy London… created the Swing Table, a design we are certain you will find appealing. With enough seating for eight, the unusual table is perfect for informal gatherings and great times among friends.

Petit Beurre Coushion

Cushions can find a use in almost any room, from the dining room to the living room to the bedroom. They are the perfect accessory when you need a splash of color in an otherwise dull room. There are lots and lots of cool cushions on the market, but here let us introduce you the amazing and delicious Petit Beurre coushion.

Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware

We are all aware that small things can make a world of difference. This is also true in the kitchen, where time spent cooking often needs to be “spiced up”. One way to achieve this is to constantly reinvent the space you work in visually.

Knitting Your Way Towards a Great Looking Table Set

knit cup2 10 Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware with Less Than 50$cup2 10 Great Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware with Less Than 50$

Colored refrigerators

Let us introduce you the collection of must-have colored kitchen appliances that no modern home can do without.


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