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Great ideas for Your wedding !

Hi Everyone, hereafter you will find greatest ideas for a beautiful wedding party. We all wish this special day to be perfect…So have a look on what we suggest you!

1- Movie marriage proposal

Imagine that you are innocently taken to the cinema to see a movie, and that in the second trailer something happen in front of all the spectators in the room… Have a box of tissues nearby because what you’re going to see is so huge! Guys, take exemple on this man.

2- Decoration

Polaroid place cards

Placing your guests is a serious work why don’t you do it in a funny way? How? With Polaroids.

Under each polaroid, write the name of the guests and some funny comments. Finally, hang the pictures with clothespins in the place where you will specify the number of each table.

Eating tree

Eating trees is a concept made in France and elaborated by the French Designer Stéphanie Marin in collaboration with a chef. Trees will receive wedding snacking and sweeties.

3D invitations

In those recent years, the trend is to create customized invitation cards that change from the traditional ones. No rules, only one : NO LIMITS

Let’s give you only one advice: the cards are funny when you involve your guest as much as possible to discover the messsage. For that, we suggest you a 3D invitation card provided with anaglyph glasses. The message of the save the date will reveal while wearing the glasses. Magic and unique !


Fingerprint guestbooks

Let’s propose you this original guest books in which each guest will mark the print with his finger and write down his name next.  That will be a beautiful “souvenir” of people who were with you in this special day.

4-Food ideas

hmmm delicious…

The smores combine crackers, melted chocolate and marshmallows to form a crunchy and irresistible sweet. The idea is to recreate a smores customized bar where you  will set up a table full of marshmallows, chocolates, different kind of toppings and obviously the well-known crackers.

Each guest will choose a flavor and skewer, and the warmth of a small fire or barbecue will melt the sweet being ready in a few seconds to join together all the ingredients chosen before.

Seems unbelievable that such beautiful things can be done using only simple things!

New ideas will be added next week , dont miss them !

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One thought on “Great ideas for Your wedding !

  1. You’re embarking on an entirely new idea for weddings…very up to the minute, and really thinking outside the box! Fantastic XX ~ Trèsors De Luxe!

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