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Wedding dresses

All women dream of Vera Wang extravaganza wedding dress to look amazing on their big day.  You need to know one thing before you make or you buy your wedding dress, is to focus on the style of the dress that suits your body shape and not the trendiness of its cut or the prominence of its designer.  We should know first what style suits what shape and what‘s in trend in the world of bridal fashion.

wedding dress

Your wedding dress has to be elegant, unforgettable and so chic; it should to make you look so attractive and beautiful on your biggest day of your life.  This is why I will give you some tips to follow in order to buy the perfect wedding dress.

●First thing you have to establish your budget in order to not set your eyes on dress you cannot afford. It’s great to find a dress you love but also doesn’t exhaust your budget.

●Second point is making sure to take a person with you. You will definitely need an opinion aside like your mother or maid of honor.

●Thirdly, look at choices for sleeve style, length, necklines, trains, waistlines, etc…

●Fourthly don’t give an importance to the opinion of the sales consultant, because they don’t care if the dress look beautiful on you or not, they just want you to buy the most expensive dress. So it’s better to stick to your opinion and that of the people you take with you.

●The last point and that is the most important  when you are searching or trying your wedding dress at the shop  have fun, this is the best time in your life all the people are focusing on you and you are the center of attention , because you are o beautiful bride. Have fun!


Different styles of wedding dresses

Different styles of wedding dresses

The dream of every girl


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