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The most incredible flowers

Did you know that more than 270,000 types of flowers exist in the world? Today, we’re going to show you the most unusual ones. Shapes, colours, textures… Every detail is going to strike you! Enjoy the trip that we offer in the fantastic flower world.

First one : The Jade Vine

It is known for its spectacular blue-green color. A particular color that reminds us  its native country Philippines. The plant grows beside streams in damp forests, or in ravines.

The second one: Chocolate Cosmos

The flower is a dark – red – brown species of Cosmos which is native of Mexico. They have a very pleasant vanillin fragrance in summer.

The third one : The Corpse Flower

This flower can reach over 3 meters in height, has large petales and offers a very particular flavour.

The last one : The Ghost Orchid

This is one of the most rare flowers in the world. Due to its characterists, its reproduction is barely impossible. Its spectacular shape gives it even more particularity.

We hope that your trip was very interesting and continue to follow us for more and more adventures!

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