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How to choose an eyeliner?

Every woman dream of big good looking eyes by using an eyeliner, which can add on her eyes a marvelous look. This depend on how you choosed your eyeliner and if you choosed the correct pencil and color for your eyes.


I will spark some ideas to help you choose you right eyeliner by following these instructions:

1 You should first determine the correct color for your eyes and compliment them. Blue-eyed should choose a charcoal or navy pencil, brown is a perfect choice for any eye color, if you have green eyes choose sage.

2 You should know the best brand for you and especially for your skin. As you know that all brands are not the same, so you can take your time to decide the best eyeliner for you.

3 Try the product if it need to make effort to put on and take off, choose the pencil that glides on without any pulling on the skin.

4 Choose the ideal color and that you like. After putting the eyeliner make sure that the eyeliner doesn’t overwhelm your eyes, it should highlight them.

5  Don’t forget to choose the eyeliner that is waterproof, which requires a makeup remover to be cleaned.

turquoise eyeliner


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One thought on “How to choose an eyeliner?

  1. I didn’t even know sage eye liner existed! We learn something new everyday! 🙂

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