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” Darling, where we leave for the holidays? “

With the Arabic revolts, people have to revise their holidays destinations this summer. According to the professionnals, Tunisia and Egypt would be avoided,for the benefit of the other Mediterranean holiday resorts just like Greece. Distant countries will not be so far left out. Return on these fashionable destinations of this year.

Italy remains on of the favorite destination. Because of the development of the Hotel, it’s time to discover the Spanish island Tenerife . Thessalonica, the Greek capital of the Balkans has a lot to offer and should be the big winner by taking advantage of the Arabic crisis. As well as, Turkey, for the tourists who would have wished to go in Tunisia or in Egypt. In spite of the Arabic crisis, Morocco remains a destination appreciated by the French tourists. Marrakech is the most well known city where we can spot celebrities but you can also visit smaller but not less incredible cities, with such landscapes, it remains the country to visit. Canada and its big spaces attract the tourists. For people who like luxury places, it is the opportunity to discover quite new Ritz Carlton, inaugurated last February in Toronto or New York which is and will be the first destination. Host country of the rugby World Cup next September, New Zealand could see much more people coming. Taking advantage of the returned political stability, the Thailand should find its tourists too this season.

Wherever you choose to go, don’t forget the glasses.

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3 thoughts on “” Darling, where we leave for the holidays? “

  1. jumpingpolarbear on said:

    Croatia is the country to go to this summer 😉

  2. Great task! 717503

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