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Electric car’s future, seen by IBM

Three big companies in the high-tech sector allied there selves in order to create a new battery for electric vehicles. These firms are IBM, Asahi Kasei and Central Glass. This new battery generation is called Battery 500, due to the fact that some tests were showing the autonomy was about 500 miles.

Battery 500

Battery 500 technology

The two main components of this battery are lithium, and… air. More precisely, oxygen contained in the air: in contact with lithium, oxygen generates an amount of electric energy, so that the battery, when driving is charging herself. When the battery is completely empty of energy, you just need to plug the battery, you refill it with electricity, and all the oxygen is free again.

Currently, electric vehicles generally have 90 miles of autonomy. From 90 to 500, there is a lot of difference, but the battery shouldn’t be commercialized before 2030.

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