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I Want my Cupcake Too!



Cupcakes, it is these small cakes in the glazing and in the decoration colored that usually made in the United States and Canada. Here I will give you the basic recipe and do not hesitate to show originality and to invent your own decoration! I will also give you some ideas about plenty other Cupcakes that you can make easily by just following the original recipe. Cupcake is something who needs originality and creativity in order to be the center of attention. So following my advices and you will be the queen or the king of Cupcakes.  For me is interesting to talk about this little cake because we can eat and also see without eating it. That’s why: the Cupcake can be considered as the king of cakes. It’s good and at the same time so delicious. The Cupcake is the idol of fashionistas and other people who like beautiful and good things to eat. Don’t’ take it easily: the Cupcake is now something that people want to have as the same level than clothes and fancy things. For me: the Cupcake is just something funny who can give you the opportunity to create a sort of masterpiece. Now: I will give you the recipe of this legendary cake.

What is the recipe?

 To make the perfect Cupcake for ten people for example you will need: first for the cake you need two eggs, 100 gram of sugar, then 120 gram of flour, some yeast, 120 gram of molten butter, and to finish: 100 gram of chocolate who can be black or milk chocolate. For the glazing: you will need: 125 gram of soft butter and avoid melted one, then 3 cups of coffee or icing sugar, a little of vanilla,  and coloring agent who can be of plenty colors: blue, red, green, yellow, pink.

How to make the Cupcake Clearly?



First, preheat the oven has 180 degree. Then, beat eggs and sugar. After than: add the flour and the yeast.  After that, you have to melt the butter and the chocolate together and put all the ingredients together. Then you have to fill every individual mould in .To finish you just have to put every mould in the oven between 25 or 30 minutes. For the glazing: just beat the soft butter, the icing sugar, the vanilla extract and the coloring agent in a robot. After than put the glazing in the fridge waiting that the cakes are ready!  When the cakes are ready you can now put the decoration that you want in your Cupcakes. You can see after that some images of what kind of recipe you can make with a little of imagination.

Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

Cupcakes Oreo

Cupcakes Oreo

So are you ready to make your own Cupcake now? You just have to show wwhat  are you really are by doing you own Cupcake for you, your friends, or your family!








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