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Why Not New-York?



According to me: New-York is one of the most fascinating cities in the entire world: and why not the most fascinating of the entire world. In fact: this city is interesting for many reasons: New-York is first the city when many movies and shows taking places; the most famous are: Gossip Girl, Sex and the city or again New-York I love you. This city is also a inspiration source for many artist and designers: for example, Karl Lagarfeld the famous Chanel designer just brought is own flat in New-York.New-York is also with no doubt a cultural city: in fact there is in New-York one of the big events in the world which: the Fashion Week who is a place of meeting for the great part of fashion designer.As a cultural city: two big magazines were creating there. There is first Vogue magazine that is the most important fashion magazine in the world and New York magazine that is read by all the New-York inhabitants!What about fashion and touristic places? As New-York welcoming the fashion week every year there is many places to do shopping in New-York! So maybe, you’re the future Carrie Bradshaw!  As touristic places there is many things to see in New-York as: Central park, famous neighborhood like Harlem or Ellis Island. So as you see it’s really impossible to have nothing to do in New-York. One article is not enough to talk about New-York, one book or many will! So my idea is to give you some ideas about New-York in order to convince you that is the best city in the planet!So maybe after this article you will think the same that me!



As I say previously: New-York is an amazing city to do Shopping!  Soho in New-York is known as the best place to do Shopping in New-York! This place is really different that the other places. Is possible to buy cheaper clothes and accessories and also to buy more expensive one! Anonymous and celebrities like to there because in Soho is impossible to leave without the thing that you looking for! So if you are like me: a fashion addict: Soho will realize your entire dream! If you want a little advice: there is shoe brand there called Aldo. Their shoes are just amazing. This Canadian brand is not very famous but the shoes that she made just rock! For my part, my mother already buys me some shoes there because she uses to go very often in New-York!



After Shopping in New-York you can walk in this amazing city reading New-York magazine! In fact, this magazine is read by all the New-York inhabitants.You can find all the information you want like: politic, economy, and also fashion. For me: is a complete and interesting magazine who resume correctly New-York city!As you see on the bottom:  an image of cover! Is one of the most important for me: it’s represented Michelle Obama who is the first Black first lady in the United States! I hope she will not be the last! This Cover represented something else about New-York! For me: is the city were everything is possible that is means when everybody can also have is American dream, but especially the fact that New-York is city when it’s possible to see people who came from of different parts of the world.

Hotel Pladza

Hotel Pladza

New-York will not be the same without his it’s luxury hotels and penthouse. In fact the Upper East Side is the representation of money and everybody is fascinating by this neighborhood thanks to Gossip Girl who open us the door of this close universe with this shown now considered as a classic! One of the most famous hotels in New-York: is the Pladza hotel is the symbol of luxury and good taste in New-York! Indeed, celebrities who come in New-York, take their own room in the Pladza Hotel. But we still fascinating by Pladza hotel is like the Ritz in France.

Central Park

Central Park

To finish: there is a place that is considered like a place to be in New-York! This place is Central Park. In fact is a place for doing anything. First, the most part of people who going there make some sport so if you go to Central park during a stay in New-York you will not miss the person who makes their daily sports.But Central Park can be the ideal place to take a break after a long wait.To finish Central Park: is also a place of meeting for lovers all the year.For my part: I prefer love meeting.

I think it’s enough. What do you think about this article? Do you think that you will visit New-York thanks to my article? For my part: I never been to New-York but my mother go there many times that why I’m jealous of her! But: in future I will leave there I’m sure of that: I knew that! Concerning your feeling is you don’t want to go to New-York now I can say that I teach you something today! I think I teach you how to be the perfect New-York inhabitant!


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  1. I do agree with all the ideas you have offered on your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for beginners. May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

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