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Be the Boy!

Revealed by Godard and its movie: « A bout de souffle » in English: « Out of breath », the boy hairstyle became since a must have. Delicate she sublimates the lines of the face and gives an androgynous style which is not sound to make its small effect!So how to know if the boy hairstyle it’s make for me or for you!Calm down I will give you all the advices to have the perfect boy hairstyle in order to be the Perfect candy boy!

Short cup

Short cup

But, before cutting everything you have to make sure that you have the face and the silhouette made to have the short hair! It is necessary to keep always for the spirit that the short cut does not go to everybody! Then before cutting, you have to ask some advices from your hairdresser and to follow these advices. You can adopt the short cup if you have a face rather fine and a rangy silhouette!Avoid it if your face is rather big! It will stress your curvatures!On the contrary, the short cup goes at any age! Nothing better to give some dynamism and originality that a small short cup for a mature woman!

Adopt a short hair will bring you numerous profits. When you will have cut yourselves hair, you will have more time to dedicate to other things that your hairstyle and you will also have the opportunity to leave the other facets of your physical appearance shine. If you have not made it yet, and you made the decision there, think about the means to make it in a varied and original way. A short cup does not mean that is the end of diversity. You can add accessories and other jewels for hair. Finally, it does can be very pleasant to see on a short hairstyle accessories!Don’t think that a short cup it’s not divested of any interest!

Many stars already adopt the short cup as if Rihanna at first followed by many other celebrities!

Like Emma Watson recently who is really amazing whit her new hairstyle!

Halle berry


Agyness deyn

Agyness deyn

Will you adopt the short hairstyle in a close future?


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