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Rock your Socks!



What you understand when you hear the word socks? What this accessory represents for you? What kind of  image which you give to it ?Many questions that we all have in mind because socks was for many years something that people and especially fashionistas was considered as square.But since some seasons socks returns in force and seduce us. We are more and more numerous to adopt it under his its various forms!What is long or short socks know how to be wished!So what are you waiting for ? I already choose my favorite one is : knee high socks !You need some ideas do wear your new friends ? So you have to see my selection of girls in socks which is best way to wear socks for me !See that and give me your opinions !

In the first place, you have the Preppy style which takes back American’s codes universities. It ‘s necessary for this  to have  a pupil look. You will need: a short skirt, a tie and long socks. In France we call it  Posh style.

Look at Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl she is the perfect Preppy girl!



Then, we have Boyish or Tomboy style ! This is my favorite ! This look consist of mixingWomen and men styles !But if you use this style you have to be perfect ! Indeed as if inspired of men style you have to look like to a woman !To suceed in Boyish your best friend will be short socks !

What do you think about this example of Tomboy ?



To finish : it’s also possible to mix Preppy and Sexy. How we can do that ?In order to avoid posh aspect and be more rebel : you can wear  shoes we heels  to be Preppy, sexy and also fashionably !

Preppy and sexy

Preppy and sexy

Any other questions ? Let’s try socks!


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