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This is nails party time!

How to have beautiful nails without efforts ?That’s a very tuff question. Indeed, we all dream about pretty nails.Do you believe that? Is now possible to have nails magazine just with some ideas, and by taking a few minutes.For me, there is nothing more beautiful thing that the fact to see a happy woman at ease with herself because of her manicurist! It’ s what i feel every days thanks to my creative nails. It’s easy and very funny.Create   your own masterpiece  by inventing an original nails desigh by doing some nail games by yourself or with your friends!

Rainbow manucure

Put all the colors that you want in your nails!

Your question is now : what colors to take, what kind of manucurist i have to do? I can understand that! Choosing a nails ponish and the manner that we have to put that is more difficult that it’s looks tike.See the last creations thtat i found  on internet. If they help me, they will help you!Be creative, ambitious and rebel,your dream nails are coming soon!By following my advices you can miss your manicurist!

Colorful Manucure  Lancôme

Put different colors in your nails. Just one rule to respect : the colors have to be similar!

French mat/brillant Yves Saint Laurent

Try Yves Saint Laurent Style

Welcome to the beautifull land of very important nails!

Day Photo

Spring in japan

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