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What is your fancy dress costume for the next Halloween?

The horror is coming, some freaky characters are coming to the Halloween party, i can’t expect what kind of fancy costumes they will be wearing at the Halloween party. This year i decided with a couple of friends to celebrate the Halloween here in my house and no one of us know what character’s costume or kind of fancy y costumes will wear in the party, we had created an atmosphere of suspense. I love the Halloween that’s why i was very carefully i chose my costumes, you will not believe you see what i wore in that day, i chose to wear the Snow White costume, really i looked very pretty, i wouldn’t that day all my friends were surprised by my choice, anyway that’s the Halloween and every one of us should look in fancy style.

This how my dress looked like, i wasn’t very sexy, but it’s so enchanting

Snow White fancy dress

Snow White fancy dress

The Halloween Day is a special day for everyone, all the people are looking for a unique fancy costumes that are available at many online shops, you can just browse on the shop and choose your costumes, it will be delivered to you until your door. In order to complete your fancy costume you should add some accessories, like makeup, hats, masks, cuffs, wigs, etc. You may feel lost in a shop selling these fancy dress costumes, checking in the categories and looking for the right dress for you, in order to be the most attractive and unique in that day. Look at these pictures, really they are awesome, i have a desire to make a Halloween day at every week, be sure that when you will see these pictures you will my same feeling.

Sexy Fancy dress

There are many amazing men’s fancy costumes like this one, it’s for Leprechaun, if

remember the cartoon of Leprechaun and fairies.

Leprechaun fancy dress costume

WOW!  look at this Cleopatra dress, it’s very glamour costume



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