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Putting makeup is not easy.

Hello ladies, imagine if there is no makeup in the world, do will look ugly and pale? I don’t think so, but it’s just the matter of addiction, there are some ladies who couldn’t appear without makeup or at least putting the foundation and lipstick. The makeup has been invented to spruce up the face and give a perfect look by adding some elements to highlight the eyes, the lips and all the features. Not all the women have born with a natural beauty because the makeup doesn’t add the natural touch, it just changes and highlights the features of the face, so the natural touch is very essential to complete the perfect look.

Full makeup face

Full makeup face

Putting makeup on the face is an art you need to learn it before you do it, or you will create a messy on your face, some people should know that not every type of makeup suits everyone, not just in the way of look, but they can use some kinds of makeup that doesn’t suit their type of skin. In my point of view i like putting light makeup, it looks more natural than the heavy one and i carefully choose the color of the eyeshadow to not look monstrous. I read in magazine about beauty that not all the colors match with any time in the day, taking for example the grey eyeshadow, the dark blue and all the dark colors can be used on the morning, but at night you can use all the light colors, these latter give a shine to your face, with putting your mascara you will get magical eyes.  Don’t forget to enhance your natural look with a perfect one and choose the makeup that suits your face in order to look more glamorous and beautiful.

Eyes with different eyeshadows colors

Eyes with different eyeshadows colors

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