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The Nintendo Wii U

It should be one of the most expected announcements of the E3, the most important video games show in the world, the new Nintendo game console, secretly named Coffee Project.

The main novelty of this console comes from… the game controller. Now it will be a touchscreen tablet.

An all new Pad

The TVscreen is no longer alone. The game controller/tablet allows a synchronized display with the Wii U box, which is directly connected to your TV.

So now, you can turn off your TV or change channel,  but still playing your games on the tablet.

The Wii U offer the possibility to get a zoomed image directly on the tablet screen, and more new innovator options promising a lot of surprise. It’s now to the developers to make us dream !

The Wii U allows you to play with friends and family thanks to the 5 game controllers (four on TV, and one directly on the tablet. Furthermore, the new game console will be compatible with the Wiimote and the Balance Board

The front camera et the microphone allows you to communicate with other connected users. A software which could be competitor of Skype, acquired by Microsoft. But for the moment, only few information are given… Nintendo keeps the secret.

The classical buttons are still present (A, B, X and Y) thus the buttons (L, R, ZL, ZR) but also the directional cross and the analogical sticks.


Nintendo goes to HD

Wii U has an 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 480i HD screen. The Nintendo game console works under IBM power multi-core processor, which allows to be as realistic as the PS3 Sony and the XBOX360 Microsoft

Wii U will get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to get an Internet and a Nintendo Network access.

The line-up is still huge with a lot of great games such as  Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed, Dirt and Darksiders II

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One thought on “The Nintendo Wii U

  1. Dymor on said:

    That’s an amazing article! Loved the Wii U when it made its 1st appearance in the E3… But it’s such a shame the Wii U won’t support DVDs or blu-rays… Oh well, guess I’m pretty satisfied with my xbox for now…

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