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Flowers in people’s lives

Since ancient times, flowers in people’s lives play a huge role. They have always been associated with love, joy, cheerfulness and good humor. Our forefathers gave flowers not only on holidays, but also the simple days because he believed that the magic of flowers can lift a person on the diseased feet, inspired by the lightness of life. Flower in ancient time, after a man born, pick, dried, and always carry it with, they were like a guardian angel, the safety of the plagues, disasters, and energy vampirism.
beautiful flowersbeautiful flowers
Nature has created a lot of different flowers. Each of the two hundred thousand species of these beautiful plants on our planet has its own unique, beautiful and unusual, all raise a lot of joyful emotions and feelings. Flowers not only make our lives a lot of light, but they clean the air around us, fills it with oxygen, light and delicate flavor. Scientists have long been proven that this beautiful piece of nature can absorb negative energy, give us a positively charged particle. Many scientific experiments confirmed that the vegetation has energy and have an impact of external effects – pain, death, affection.
wild flowers
Each Flower is caused by a variety of feelings you only need to be specific in its unique charm and character. Every Flower in addition to it’s specific aroma, beauty and aesthetic effect itself has some kind of hidden symbolism, the inner mind, which sometimes can even explain it-like character traits of people.

beautiful flowersbeautiful flowers

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Posh Indian sari

I see that the Indian fashion caters all the formal occasions using modern designs, cuts and bright colours or subtle colours that match with evening and formal wear. The Indian fashion is based on a range of fabrics including satin, cotton, crepe, georgette, silk and chiffon. They choice of the fabric depends on the type of the embroidery, usually it’s hand-embroidered using stonework embroidery, thread and sequence, the first one is the most popular.
Indian sari
The Indian fashion is now evolving with a big number of Indian designers, who trying to spread the Indian style in the international world of fashion. The majority of local fashion shows depend only on European, Brazilian and Russian models instead of Indian Models because of their pale skin and of course Indian models accuse the fashion industry of racism.
Fashionable Indian sari
Fashionable Indian sari

The charm of the Indian fashion

What do you think of the Indian fashion, really it’s distinctive, it had been evolved and influenced by the international fashion world. The Indian fashion is very rich of choices, this includes the sari is a traditional style, there is also the chudidaar, salwar kameez, lehngas and more. The Indian fashion had known many changes, the Indian look becomes more cosmopolitan than region. The designers had created a new stylesand view for the Indian fashion, they had created Katori style for the blouses, back button blouses, puffed sleeve, halter neck, etc. We can see many of designers had inspired from the Indian fashion and mixed with the westerner one and that’s what had made the Indian fashion one of the most famous fashions in the world.
The Indian sari
Indian Wedding Sari

Choose healthy sunglasses

For protecting the eyes there are different types of lenses including anti reflected, polarized lenses, etc, these later are used for reducing the glares reflected. The polarized lenses are not used for anyone, they are especially used by players snow sports, fishers or playing waters.

Thanks to the sunglasses designers for making all these huge styles in order that each one of us can find what he is looking for. We should all protect our eyes from the sun, but why not with voguish sunglasses. I chose to end this part of my article with this picture, i like this style, these sunglasses provide 100% of UVA and UVB protection, so be careful when you are choosing your sunglasses.

Healthy sunglasses

Healthy sunglasses

Normally the sunglasses had been made to protect the eye from the hazardous of the sunlight, but we see now that they become an essential part of vogue. Various styles and brands in fantastic designs are now available everywhere, they have become an essential accessory for adults and children. If you want to buy sunglasses, you will be lost in the variety of lenses colours, these colors give to the user the clarity and the comfort to his eyes during all the daylight.



The Ray-Ban sunglasses.

What do you think of the brand of Ray-Ban sunglasses, i find it one of the best iconic brands for sunglasses, they strive to bring the best to their customers, the best design and the unbeatable quality. When i check the Ray-Ban’s styles i find that everyone can find his taste, they have iconic styles that suit all the desires. One of the Ray-Ban’s signature pieces is the Aviator sunglasses, personally i adore this style, the Aviator style, matches with all face’s shapes and all ages. Honestly Ray-Ban had made a great mark in the world of fashionable sunglasses.

Aviator style sunglasses

Aviator style sunglasses

Hide your eyes by stylish sunglasses.

The world of fashion is full of many tips and accessories that add on you a glamour look. Take for example the sunglasses, i notice that the designers of sunglasses had returned to the old fashioned styles and frames, but they look fabulous. I find that the oversized sunglasses are the hottest and the most searched. I love this style it looks crazy when matching them with big-sized accessories and large hat, believe me, you will look distinctive. The most of us stay confused in choosing the most stylish design for sunglasses, it’s just a matter of choice, but you can follow the other’s view this helps sometimes. The matter is not how to find the trendiest sunglasses’s style, but how to find the right style that match with your face, you may spend half an hour in trying many frames and styles, but at the end you will buy one, the main thing is to leave the store and you are completely satisfied with what you have bought.

Oversized women sunglasses

Oversized women sunglasses

Laser or ink-jet printer?

The best printer must print quickly and cheaply? Then buy a laser printer. It costs a little more than an ink-jet, but later saves a lot of money and time.

Recently, ink-jet printers are cheaper shamelessly. However, their price does not so low, the value as needed to pay for the ink cartridge refill. Although ink-jet printers are indispensable in producing pictures, but if most prints text, rather buy a laser printer, which makes it much cheaper and faster.

Most laser printers are better than ink-jet? Monochrome laser printers are popular for a number of benefits:

High printing speed. Laser printing equipment is several times faster than ink-jet. Therefore, laser printers is often used in offices, where you need to print lots of documents. Of course, this speed comes in handy at home.

Mobile and resistance. Compared with ink-jet, laser printers are more resistant to various environment impact. For example, they are completely resistant to strong light, water, to a lesser extent – abrasion, change requests, and saliva. Therefore, a laser printer sheets are longevity’s.

Reliability. Laser printers is produced without using of liquid and sophisticated ink-jets. Such devices used to print a laser beam heated drum, and bulk toner powder.

Low cost of printing. Laser printers are much cheaper. This amount can be further reduced by filling the powder or using non-genuine toner cartridges

Uses a lot of energy. An ink-jet printer is printing on average consumes 10 watts of energy, and laser – even one hundredth So, they are using about 10 times more of electricity than ink-jet relatives.

Hazardous substances. Tests showed that the number of laser printer cartridges contain harmful substances. Moreover, the printed material is often discarded into the environment. Due to the high pollution and energy consumption, using a laser printer, you should aim to be as brief as possible to turn an electrical outlet. You will save money and health.

The winner of all laser printers is Canon i-SENSYS LBP6650dn:
Canon i-SENSYS LBP6650dn
This printer has average speed and print quality. It is relatively expensive to print. But worth the praise that the toner was not harmful. Drawer unit can accommodate only 151-page, often making it necessary to supplement it.

Machine to the computer is connected via USB cable. The price is right, especially if you buy it from Pixmania and  use Pixmania promotional codes. Those Pixmania promotional codes gives you a possibility to get your printer more simply and for discount prices.

How to choose the best printer? How to get an entire satisfaction on printing results for a discount prices? We give you the best counsel to find the best solution. Pixmania discount codes gives you an exceptional possibility to pay less for the best  Canon i-SENSYS LBP6650dn   laser printer.  Don’t miss this chance!

The war of video games developpers (Part 2)

Microsoft is the last game console developer to create a video game console, the Xbox. The goal was to be competitive against Nintendo and its Cube but mostly against Sony and its PS2.

After years of competitions, Microsoft tries to compete Sony and its PlayStation Move, with Kinect.

Kinect for Xbox 360, or simply Kinect was originally known by the code name Project Natal.

It’s a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console.

It’s composed by:

– A webcam add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, it allows users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without touching a game controller, but using gestures and spoken commands.

The main goal is increase the Xbox 360’s audience beyond its typical gamer base.

Kinect competes with the Wii Remote Plus and PlayStation Move with PlayStation Eye motion controllers.

Kinect was launched in North America on November 4, 2010, in Europe on November 10, 2010 and in Japan on November 20, 2010. Kinect can be purchased with either a 4 GB or 250 GB Xbox 360 console and Kinect Adventures.

Kinect was a real success for Microsoft; it sold an average of 133,333 units per day with a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days. And it enters in the GuinessWorld Record as the “fastest selling consumer electronics device”

Like its competitor PS Move, Kinect won an award: the 2011 MacRobert Award for engineering innovation.

The war of video games developpers (Part 1)

Last week, we saw the new Nintendo revolution with the Wii U. This week, we are going to linger on the two other video games tenors: Sony and Microsoft.

In a first part, I’ll be attached to show you, the new technologies created by Sony to conquer the video games market.

Sony tried at the end of 2010 to conquer this market with an all new way to play video games, it’s the beginning of Playstation Move.

The PlayStation Move is an add-on peripheral on PlayStation 3, which acts as a motion controller. It’s also named PS Move, and it’s distributed since the 15th of September 2010 in Europe, the 17th of September in North America and then the 21st of October in Japan.

Its first name was usually Playstation Motion Controller, when it was revealed. But its commercial name was announced as the Playstation Move during the Game Developers Conference the 11th of March 2010. Some rumors announced it as Gem or Arc

The system is composed by:
– The PlayStation Eye: a new camera, replacing the EyeToy, which  track the wand’s position,
– A handheld motion controller wand, including  inertial sensors in the wand to detect its motion,
– A supplementary PlayStation Move navigation controller,
– An optional PlayStation Move charging station.
Up to four Move controllers can be used at once (four Move motion controllers, or two Move motion controllers and two Move navigation controllers).
The PlayStation Move won the 2010 Popular Science Award for “Most immersive game controller”.
There are a large range of video games which allow to play with the PS Move, such as Kill zone 3, Sports Champions, and updates of Heavy Rain Move Edition, RUSE or Dead Space Extraction.
But Sony wants to conquer the entire Video games market, including the handled game console market, which was for a long long time under the control of Nintendo with the range of GameBoy.
We already knew the PSP, the first Sony handled game console, produces to stop the Nintendo DS. Now, we know the next generation of Sony handles game console, secretly names Next Generation Portable, but mostly known as the PlayStation Vita!
It was presented for the first time during the E3 Conference, one of the most important Video Games Salon. This new portable will be sold at the end of 2011, for Christmas time all around the world. It will be a revolution to play like in front of our TVs!
But now, it’s time to look on Microsoft’s side…

The next generation of computers (Part 3)


Last week, I wrote about the most important categories of computer: PCs and Mac. But a new kind of computer is merging! Google is going to launch, maybe a new future, the first computer which entirely work under Internet: Chromebook!

Like we spend our most computer time on the Internet, Google find a new way to make easier the way we use computer.

Chromebook, is built on many aspects, just cited right after.

– The instant Web: we only have to wait 8 seconds before the Chromebook turn on. We can go on the Internet easier than before, the latest web standard runs on this Chromebook, for instance with Adobe Flash.

– Chromebook employ the principle of  “defense in-depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot. Our Chromebook is still protect from threat of malwares and viruses.

– Chromebook is always connected on the Internet thanks to Wi-Fi and 3G: you can go on Internet any time, anywhere, you just have to start your chromebook.

– Chromebook is always updates. The big difference with other PCs is that any time you open your Chromebook, it is still new, because it is updated all day long, the apps are updated automatically. You always get the latest version of operating system.

– Chromebook allows you to get all your data safely in the cloud! Your apps, your documents, are stored in the cloud. If your Chromebook is lost or stolen, you don’t lose your data, and you just have log on an other Chromebook to get back your data.

– With millions of web apps, Chromebook allows you to get great games, spreadsheet, photo editor, whatever…

With this last part, we can conclude that computers are really revolutionnary!

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